Visiting Paris For The First Time – Everything You Need To Know

Bar Ritz Paris France

Visiting Paris for the first time? Let’s take a trip around the streets and talk about the dos and don’t and everything in between that you might want to know for your trip. Always remember

  • Not throw our cigarettes on the floor. That is a law, and the cops are always watching. Throw your cigs on the floor, you will pay €68, that’s an expensive cigarette, don’t you think?
  • Learn the language. You need to know a bit of “oui” to say “bonjuor”; most people aren’t going to speak English with you.
  • Don’t gamble on the streets. It is mostly a scam but the indigenous do scam people and tourists of money. Be aware that some people have other people on the inside helping with the tricks
  • Don’t hug. That’s too personal. Well at least too formal, many prefer a “faire la bise” instead – an air kiss on each cheek is a standard greeting for both men and the ladies.
  • August is for vacation. If you’re visiting “Paree” not only for tourism, but for the delicious meals they have, then August is definitely not the month to do that. The French are very observant of their off day, oops, we mean off month.

Let’s Now Talk About The Places To Stay During The Spring

7th arrondissement which is located at the feet of the Eiffel Tower

7th arrondissement
7th arrondissement

We can also stay near The Arc De Trimope or Champs Elysees

The Arc De Triomphe

Near the Louvre, cause… “Why not?” We love it there.




During The Winter

The Peninsula Paris

The Peninsula Paris

Paris Marriott Champs Elysees Hotel

Paris Marriott Champs Elysees Hotel

Shangri La Hotel

During The Fall

Close to the Eiffel Tower 

Close To The Eiffel Tower

In the Marais


Four Luxury Hotels In Paris

Hôtel de Crillon, a rosewood hotel in Paris that overlooks the Place de la Concorde. Originally built in 1758. It has 78 rooms, 36 suites and 10 signature suites embodying a residential style.

Hôtel de Crillon
Hôtel de Crillon
Shangri La Hotel

La Réserve Paris – Hotel and Spa. 40 rooms positioned on a quiet tree-lined street, moments from Place de la Concorde.

La Réserve Paris

Ritz Paris

Le Meurice, Dorchester Collection; set just off the Tuileries Garden

Le Meurice Dorchester Collection Hotel
Le Meurice

Eating The French Way

Well looking out for the tourist places in Paris, we cannot miss out on tasting their local dishes. French traditional foods are of different classes, and they’re all as tasty as they are classy. Paris foods are the most beautiful of sight when it comes to appetizers. Just one look at the plates of Oeufs en Meurette (a brunch), Bouillabaisse, Baguette au Fromage, Cassoulet, Croissants, (a breakfast), Jambon-Beurre, Dauphinoise Potatoes, Coq Au Vin, Escargots, Cheesees that are so highly regarded in Paris.

Four Places To Eat In Paris For Traditional Paris Meal

These restaurants will have you hooked on these mouth-watering dishes.

Montmartre! Yes, this exotic place will leave you breathless with their menu. They are open Mondays to Sundays, giving food tours, saving local food with finesse and culture. Pau’s Montmartre food is an open home for Paris tourists/visitors to go have a full taste of every nutrient Paris foods can offer. 

Pau’s Montmartre

Restaurant Le Meurice Alain Daraase. Alan Ducasse as the chef is an exceptional restaurant to find yourself for a treat. His lunch menu costs about $174 per person, $1509 for diner per person. But the luxury and comfort of being treated to best-cooked food and beautifully flavored food of Paris is unparalleled to the cost.

Restaurant le Meurice Alain Daraase

Le Fouquet’s, established in 1899, is legendary for hosting after-party of Ce’sar Awards celebrations. It’s been that way for the last four years. They’re renowned for their exotic traditional decor, with photos of celebrities and stars who have dined, just to prove they are second to none.

Le Fouquet

Your La Tour D’Argent is for coffee lovers. Here, they hold all the secrets to royal coffee. We know this because you cannot be a cafe, since 1686, till date and not be the best at it. While having your breakfast, twitch your eyes and feed them at the amazing Notre Dame view.

La Tour D’Argent

Four Tourists Places To Visit In Paris

Paris (known as the city of love) encaptured our hearts from the first day we stepped foot into the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower is no doubt the most visited place in Paris. Its glory stands tall ever since the 19th Century and offers the most impressive full view of Paris city. Everybody has heard of the world’s most prestigious portrait lady Mona Lisa, yes! Paris is her home. She lives in Louvre Museum. The raft of the Medusa, an oil painting of the 19th Century, and the Venue de Milo.

Eiffel Tower

L’Européen holding its beauty exaltations since the 2nd century is only a few out of 460 world-class aesthetic artworks that can be found in the Louvre.


We cannot forget the magnificent Montmartre.


Are you looking to find love in a French man? Or peace in French land, then you should visit Luxembourg garden. This garden holds 25 hectares of nature with benches and arty statues. 25 hectares of land is a long distance to cover for a peaceful walk and sight-seeing, you definitely can make friends in the process of you can speak a little le Francais.

Luxembourg garden

Museums and the best time to book their tickets and what we should know about exploring these museums

I)Musée du to founded August 10, 1793  

Ii) Musée d’Orsay founded 1986 

Iii) Centre Pompidou  

Iv) Musée de l’Orangerit

Best Time To Book Museum Tickets

*   Louvre museum – 9 a.m to 6 p.m., Mon, Thur, Sat, Sun: 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Louvre museum

*   Pompidou – 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (last entry 9 p.m.), Mon, Wed-Sun


*   Musee D’Orsay – 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tue, We’d, Fri-Sun: 9: 30a.m to 9:45 p.m., Thur

Musee D’Orsay

*   Musée de l’Orangerie – home to eight tapestry-sized ‘Nymphe’as'(water lilies) paintings. Housed in two plain oval rooms. Houses Monet’s works. 9 a.m to 6 p.m., Mom, Wed to Sun

Musée de l’Orangerie

What We Should Know About Visiting Paris Museums

*Louvre – world’s largest and most visited museum. A vast multi-level maze of galleries, passageways, staircases, and escalators, topped with its iconic pyramid roof. With 10 million annual visitors, the home of Mona Lisa, more than 35,000 works of art split into 8 departments and housed in three wings; Devon, Sully, and Richelieu. Each wing has its own entrance though we can pass from one to another. 

The Louvre houses treasures from the Egyptians, Greeks, Etruscans, each having their own gallery in Denon and Sully wings. Refreshments can be from Richelieu, Denon, or Mollien Cafes. Under the pyramid, there’s a sandwich bar and the sophisticated grand Louvre restaurant

*Musée d’Orsay: Housed in a former train station, it’s collection includes; Monet, Renoir, Can Gogh and Toulouse Lautrec. 

We are most impressed by the museum’s giant transparent clock face glass and metal architectural design.  

It attracts more than 3 million visitors a year, and houses artworks such as Courbet’s L’Origine du monde, Le dejeuner sur l’herbe and Olympia.

*Pompidou – It is house for the largest collection of modern art in Europe. Tickets are bought on the ground floor and takes the escalators to level four for post 1960’s art. 

It contains four temporary exhibition spaces on each of the two levels. The main exhibition takes place on the ground floor. Level five, “the historic section” takes a chronological sweep through the history of modern art via Primitivism, Fauvism, Dadaism, and Surrealism. 

 It is also loved for its architecture, furnished with colors and exposed pipe-outs, it’s one of the best-known sights in Paris.

How To Get Around Paris

The main means of public transport in Paris are Paris Metro system. The Paris Metro has 16 interconnected lines.

Paris city buses – this is the easiest most comfortable way of getting around Paris. The schedules of buses in Paris vary depending. Over a 100 bus routes schedule for both day and night every day. They are available from 7 a.m. to 8:30 Mondays to Saturdays with over a hundred day. 

The taxis are the same everywhere, minimum fair is $2, extra charges for suitcase is $1 and will cost the same price whether being hired or called. 

Ticket can be bought at Metro Stations, Railway stations or on a bus. Tickets vary from $2 to $15 for more than one person.

How To Get To And From The Airport

By taking an RER B train-RER trains are regional express services that run every 10 minutes between the airport and the city centre and stop at the main stations in Paris. The journey lasts approximately 30 minutes. 

Charles De Gaulle has two train stations:

*   Aéroport Charles De Gaulle 1 (It serves terminals 1 and 3)

*   Aéroport Charles De Gaulle 2 TGV (Serves terminal 2)

Take the RER ab for departures at terminals 1 and 3, exit at Aéroport Charles De Gaulle. It will take at least twenty-five minutes and costs €9.50 for a single ticket.

The Most Ideal Seasons In Paris

I) Springtime; from March to May is the most pleasant season, followed by 

II) Summer; between June and August 

III) Autumn; from October to November

The Temperature During Each Season In Paris


March; a high of 13 degrees Celsius and a low of 4 degrees Celsius. It usually rains for about 9 days during this period

April; a high of 17 degrees Celsius and a low of 8 degrees Celsius. It rains for about 8 days here.

*   May; a high of 20 degrees Celsius and a low of 11 degrees Celsius. It rains for about 9 days.


June; a high of 24 degrees Celsius and a low of 14 degrees Celsius. It rains for about 8 days.

July; a high of 26 degrees Celsius and a low of 16 degrees Celsius. It rains for about 7 days.

August; a night of 25 degrees Celsius and a low of 26 degrees Celsius. It rains for about 6 days.


September; a high of 22 degrees Celsius and a low of 13 degrees Celsius. It normally rains for about 7 days.

October; a high of 17 degrees Celsius, a low of 10 degrees Celsius. It usually rains for about 8 days.

November; a high of 11 degrees Celsius and a low of 6 degrees Celsius. It rains for 9 days.

We will conclude our trip here with a little fun fact you probably didn’t know about Paris. The first photo of a person ever taken was in Paris.

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