Chanel’s New Quote System For Getting A Chanel Bag

Luxury brands are slowly adopting the quota system in their market, and people are left wondering why. First, it was Hermes, now Chanel.

Chanel has been producing some beautiful products for the luxury communities, and they have gained a name for that.

If you remember, Chanel implemented their first quota system back in 2021 but much too many people’s surprise, they have done it again. But why do luxury brands impose purchase limits? Does it affect the customers or the resellers? And does it affect the prices? Let’s take a look.

Why Do Brands Impose Purchase Limits?

There are many reasons why companies impose purchase limits, but most of the time, they do it to tackle product shortages.

In the luxury goods industry, they say that you’re no longer luxurious if you’re not exclusive. Consumers who love luxury items are willing to spend thousands mainly because of their scarcity and exclusivity, not just because they cost a lot per unit.

Getting Chanel Classic Flap or any Chanel handbag has been easy of late, and this is because of the several luxury resellers; they have them all! But how exclusive does that feel? Right: not at all.

For quite some time now, Chanel has been trying to fight against resellers, people who buy the most sought-after pieces from its new collections and then sell their items at a profit.

For Chanel, the counterfeiting problem has become more serious in recent years. The company’s loyal customers have reacted negatively to it by seeing counterfeit products as being devalued and even dangerous. A quota system would not only help solve the reseller issue but also elevate the status of its Classic Flap line.

What Does It Mean To Customers?

If you are known to buy multiple Chanel Classic Flaps per year, the brand will likely not allow you to purchase any extra bag if you had already purchased two before June 7. This is because this new quota system applies for the entire fiscal year of 2022.

If you have purchased two handbags before June 7, your salesperson will assume that you’ve met the store’s quota for the year and will not sell you any additional bags.

If you’re caught in a situation where buying new bags isn’t an option, your only two choices are: you can either ask a friend to use their accounts to buy them for you or turn to the resale market.

What Impact Will This Have On Resellers?

The new quota system for Chanel products is expected to impact the resale market, although it’s unclear how significant that impact will be.

With the number of Chanel handbags sold to customers having reached its limit, many people will turn to resale markets for more bags. At this point, there’s no shortage of classic flaps and mini’s on the reseller market. If anything, demand is more significant than supply!

However, that might change. Chanel has limited the number of classic bags produced by its factory workers each year; eventually, there will be fewer in circulation, and their prices on the resale market will rise.

The changes could negatively affect personal shoppers and individual resellers, as their business often depends on buying multiple copies of the hottest styles and flipping them quickly.

The new quota system will make it impossible for them to do this unless they hire other people to purchase bags under different accounts.

Chanel started by implementing this quota system in the United States first. This means the rest of the world can still rest a bit. But don’t celebrate yet because there are rumors that this system could soon affect other places. However, let’s wait and see how it goes.  

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