About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2022, it all started with a fashion obsession and a deep passion for high quality designs and aesthetics that brings exceptional international fashion and accessories into an inspiring community atmosphere that caters to all women who know they are ‘IT’ girl (see what we did there).

We’re all about generating that distinct feeling of openness that allows your inner IT GIRL to shine and be honored.

We’re all about confidence, self-assurance and embracing our divine femininity. IT girls are always the main character and leave an unforgettable experience behind wherever she goes.

We wanted a dedicated space that is catered for the IT Girls. Both the fascinating and effortless women we are—as well as the more complicated, interesting, and diverse selves we inhabit.

Our Mission

At It Girl Luxury, our primary goal is to offer a community of like-minded women who speak the same secret language of style, love, beauty and more. We want to cultivate the evolution of our best selves in all aspects that matter to us. Girl, you know you are IT.

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