Balenciaga City bags

The Balenciaga Classic City bag is a timeless fashion accessory and has become one of our favorite handbags ever, not just because it is a luxurious must-have, but because the success story of this bag is inspiring and endearing. Long story made short- In 2000, Nicholas Ghesquiere (creativity master of Balenciaga at the time) was refused a production deal for these bags he designed because they were said to be bland, plain, and unstylish (he must have been devastated) but he kept pushing and eventually had an opportunity to gift Kate Moss, a British Model of the 90s. Kate Moss loved the bag, hence, demand increased.   

PS: he gave the bag to more than Kate Moss, in fact, they gave out 25 prototypes and all loved it!  

Today, we have the glamorous Motorcycle Bag, it is a stunning vintage of class that just screams “iconic!” and adds an exceptionally edgy twist to a feminine look.

Of course, when the bags became popular, different types of them were made, they were 17 in total, namely;   

The Balenciaga First Bag, City bag, Hip bag, Part-time Bag, All-afternoon day Bag, Town Bag, Twiggy bag, Work Bag, Envelope Dutch Bag, Folk bag, Midday bag, Pompon Bag, Besace bag, Velo bag, Weekender, and Mini City bag.  

The first showcase of the Balenciaga Mini City bag was in 2001 and has since been striking till now. It has existed for over 18 years and won a best seller in 2020. In 2021, Rebag confirmed that the bag was one of the most inquired style bags. So you see why the Balenciaga bag has a place in our hearts. It is an ageless vintage that can never not be popular.   

You must be curious as to why makes this bag so special, its leather, design, and uniqueness. Well then, read on!  

The Balenciaga Mini City bags like many other Balenciaga bags are made of agneau leather(lambskin).  

They are known for a variety of colors, their signature color blending has no competition. From blacks, browns, and beige to the brightest neon, Balenciaga bags are the chameleons of the fashion industry.   

We all want a bag that wouldn’t strain our shoulders, that’s when Balenciaga becomes the best pick, they vary their leather materials from lambskin to Chèvre leather to Veau leather and go through a number of professional processes to give us the “Balenciaga look”. This brand rarely displays a logo, it is recognized by the top 1% of the fashion class, despite its hidden identity, you can never miss a Balenciaga bag, its thin-cut leather is a signature.  

The types of Balenciaga City bags as earlier listed above all had their uniqueness.   

Balenciaga Mini City bags

In Fall/Winter 2016, Balenciaga introduced a new City bag called the Small City bag. This became the mediating size between the Classic City bag and the Classic Mini City bag. Thoughtful, right?  

The Small City bag has the same features as the Classic City and the Mini City bag, in fact, it is literally a small version of the two bags. They all have a front zipper pocket with a tassel and a detachable adjustable shoulder strap.  

However, the Small City bag has a slightly longer shoulder strap compared to its older siblings.   

For further gratification if you ask us, the Small city bag is suitable for an everyday bag, it is small, cute, it soothes, suits, and just sticks to your style, however, it is. While the Mini City bag is a limited-occasion bag! Like why pull off a Classic Vintage to every event, right? Leave it for some magic days!  

Is the Balenciaga bag discontinued?  

A direct answer to this question would be ‘no!’ The Balenciaga City bags have not been discontinued, much to our relief.  

Is it available?  

Not exactly you see, while the motorcycle bag has been in the market and industry for about 20 years now. Balenciaga doesn’t particularly produce the exact old vintages anymore, however, they do produce “Neo Classics” which are still City bags. There are slight differences but don’t fret, the rectangular shape of the City bag has only been shaped into a much wider one and it transcends at the top opening, creating a Pyramid shape but the authenticity remains the same.  

If you’re still digging for where you can find these bags, we can help you. Try some of these online market sites like, and For preowned Balenciaga city bags, or go touring at the Balenciaga boutiques worldwide.

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