The Top 8 Fun Things To Do In London

London Eye - Things To Do In London

What is there to do in London?  


We have collected a fine list of fun things to do in London. Come on! Live a little! To make it even easier, we highlighted the free things and the ones you have to pay for, cool right?  

Visit Wembley Park 

Wembley Park

Wembley Park is just an effortlessly exciting place to go touring. Did you know that the popular TV series The X-factor is shot at Wembley Park Studios?  

That show and many of your other favorite shows are done in Wembley Park. We will not let you miss out on the Wembley Park party! Featuring free live music and wild entertainment. Adorned with decorations and play segments for both adults and children. When you’re hungry, take a walk to Wembley Park restaurant and rest away.

Swap the bustle!!! 

Willing to splurge some money? Then this is the sweetest thing to do. Excuse us if you’ve been so busy. We are here for you with access to nice luxurious places you can be.   

The Cotswolds is a place where you can swap the bustle of London and life in general for a peaceful rural beauty. Oh, there are gorgeous towns and villages where you can take strolls and enjoy a nice lovely breeze and you can’t miss out on the 2-course lunch at the hotel restaurants in the heart of Cotswolds.

Tour the Tower of London- we consider this activity a must-do, well, in this case, a must-see(winks). First, we are not just referring to the sight of the buildings. We are talking about living in London’s royal history, seeing fascinating histories, and striding past the Monarchy of London on foot! Yes, we mean that! Buckingham Palace is part of the Tower of London and you get to watch the horse guard’s parade… Did we mention that you’re allowed to see the Crown Jewel of the British monarchy? Royalty treatment for the royal guests. Awesome right?!

Get On The London Eye 

Everybody knows this Ferris wheel is not just a regular huge circle with large capsules, it is the most popular landmark in London, in fact, it is London’s most toured place. So if you’re single on this vacation, you might meet someone here. We would recognize the London eye from photographs or movies or anything, it is everywhere, but visiting here, getting on the wheel, and having your picture of the eye is truly exciting.   

Interesting fact: the large Ferris wheel has 32 capsules, numbered 1-12 and 14-33, did you notice that the number 13 is missing? Yes, it was skipped due to a superstitious belief that 13 is a bad luck number, creepy but cool.

Go To A Pub!  

Who doesn’t like to party? A pub is the cheapest way to have a good party experience. The folks in here usually have the same spirit – jolly and cheerful. Daring each other to a bunch of fun stuff. You can join a booze contest, or a singing challenge, or just dance around the pub. We just wanna have some fun, right? And of course, no one is going to tell on you. Just lay your horses and live away!

Date Night On A Bus! 

You could go alone (it is called masturdating nowadays), or you could go with someone. We are rooting for you to just go experience the unique fine dining done on a bus. They offer different meals as the bus moves around London’s iconic sights, quite cool right? You better hurry.

Visit London Zoo  

London Zoo

The London Zoo is the oldest zoo in the world and also the most famous one, visiting this zoo is one of the things to do in London. It has more than 750 species and more than 17000 animals. If you have only seen a gorilla in Dwayne Johnson’s movies, this is your chance, The London Zoo has a gorilla kingdom!

Get On A River Cruise Or A Boat Tour!  

London is popular for river and boat cruises and we would regret it if you didn’t get on one, at least you can go on an afternoon tea cruise on the River Thames or a Regent’s Canal waterbus boat trip to Zamden. Oh, dear! the London Eye river cruise is also waiting, go on and have this merriment!

London has 4 separate seasons, the March to May Spring Season, the June to August Summer Season, the September to November Autumn Season, and the December to February Winter Season

The Spring Season  

Spring is here! Bring out your umbrellas or not, we got you covered, we can try out some of these fun activities when we feel like playing in the rain or just enjoying the raindrops and the sound of it.

The Kew Gardens  

The Kew Gardens

Lovely garden to spend some time exploring The Royal Palace of flowers, stroll through acres of gardens and discover galleries of botanical art.

Why: The Kew Gardens is London’s largest world Heritage site, it has existed for 250 years holding royal history and botanical art.

Location: Kew, site of the former royal estate, London borough of Richmond upon Thames Southeast London

How to get there: London to Kew Ticket deals are available online by finding top-rated Kew gardens tours, trips, and tickets, the tour companies have your destination and tour all covered. You can book on Viator or a TripAdvisor company. You can also get to Jew bridge station which is the nearest station to Kew Gardens when traveling by train. 

Outdoor Cinema

London’s cinema will pitch up on rooftops or palaces or anywhere of their choosing across the capital as soon as spring happens. It usually is set in May, hold on!

Why: This is an activity that has brought Londoners and tourists together, over the years, some outdoor cinemas are drive-ins, some picnic-style. 

The location of the outdoor Cinema is usually dependent on the cinema schedule for each year, check for an outdoor Cinema closest to you. 

Picnic In A Park  

Which other way is there to enjoy and take in some sunshine after all the grey days than a nice easy picnic? This is one of the easiest ways to enjoy your spring in London, locate the nearest Green space and fit your blanket in for a fun day.

Location: there are several parks in London, some of the best ones are; St James’ Park, Richmond park, Holland park

Why: to just rest and enjoy the scenery or to just step away from the bustle and hustle of London and watch other people go at it. Friend/family time can never be so wrong.

Walk In Notting Hill 

Notting Hill 

Wouldn’t you like to step foot into the most popular neighborhood in London? It is very beautiful in the spring with its flowers blooming and falling in the streets decorating it like it’s your wedding day.

Why: this is where Europe’s largest carnival is held, there are Victorian houses, hip cafés, restaurants, and high-end shops throughout the neighborhood. It’s a must-go!

Location: Notting Hill, West-London in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.


Woosh! Immediately after the warm pleasant weather, comes the appropriate warm season, Summer and as we always do, we have a list of fun to-dos for you, watch out!

London Craft Beer Festival

London Craft Beer Festival

Oh! You don’t drink? That’s okay, go watch the scenery, go with a camera, go take pictures of beautiful sceneries and happy faces, of course where there is beer, there is happiness, but if you do, drink, there is no telling what you just do!

Location: Tobacco Dock  

Tobacco Quay, Wapping Ln, London E/W 2SF, UK or   

Visit [] for a quick pick up, they offer ‘find us’ services and accommodation services as well.

Why: for a fine tasting of over a 100-world class brewing, it is a time to try something new for free, share knowledge and gather experiences.

Go To An Outdoor Pool   

It’s the warmest season of the year, we’re talking about here, you deserve some smashing splash to cool all of that heat building up. There are lidos and outdoor spots for swimming which also serve some good brunch.

Location: Oasis swimming pool, Convent garden, Park Road Lido, Crouch End, Brockwell Lido, Herne Hill

BBC Proms  

The world’s largest classical music festival happens annually on weekends from July to September, which means it spans from Summer to Autumn

Location: Royal Albert Hall, Imperial college road, Kensington London SWF 2AP

Why: The world’s finest orchestra and tunes from different musical backgrounds happen here. Come and witness music magic in London.

London Pride Parade  

This is a month-long pride festival that is a chance to celebrate all forms of love, sexuality, and gender.  

To express our sexuality confidently and to unite with those who are almost the same as us. 

Location: Happens in urban places, join us!

Why: To stand with the LGBTQ+ community against the issues they still face in society.


Summer’s gone together with all its unique fun but fear not! Fun awaits you on the list of things we have created to do in Autumn

Visit The Candle Light Club  

This is a themed night event entirely lit by candles, live music and retro!  

This is usually the ultimate Autumn highlight. Get ready to get drunk on cocktails, dance and enjoy vintage debauchery.

Location: Central London


In October, the Halloween preparation takes over, and then on October 31st, your well-deserved treat arrives. 

Halloween is most nice in London, you are free to get masked up in all kinds of creepy costumes or if you’re Barbie, you could meet Ken, charming right? There are incredible parties and bars across London. 

Location: Cocktail bars, Restaurant bars

Why: Why Halloween? Come on!

Bonfire Night In London 

Bonfire Night In London 

On November 5th every year, Londoners celebrate a tradition Bonfire night. There is a host of night fun food and drinks, music, and activities for families or friends. Then get ready for fireworks, they are pretty!

Location: Modern park, Wimbledon park, Alexandra Palace and many other locations.


During autumn, the summer shine is still on but the winter chill has arrived, so you are allowed to borrow a woolly beanie and walk into a bar comfortably. As we wave bye to outdoor picnics, cinemas, and pool bashes, pubs become the new parties with a glass of wine in hand, you’re ready for a nice evening.

Location: Pubs across London

Why: A traditional British pub is a perfect place to be in Autumn. It is not just fun, it’s a happy place.


The grey is here! What to do in London when it’s snowing. Winter is ashy beautiful and the ice, ugh we love it! A nice time to show off your cozy coat, let’s go:

Ice Skating  

It is never a complete festive season if you’re not on the ice rink, get on a skating boot and go bruise away if you’re a novice but believe us, the fun is immeasurable.

Why: there won’t be ice in any other season, so why not?

Locations: Winter Wonderland Ice Rink, Queen’s House Ice Rink, Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink

Regent Street’s Christmas Lights  

A sight to see, a story to tell, a picture to keep. Winter in Regent street is no joke. Keep up with the Mile of style and feed your eyes with luxurious street spirits.

Location: Regent Street

Why: Regent street is as popular as London itself, don’t forget to take in all the history you can get.



Hamleys is located in Regent street and is the oldest toy shop in the world. They have a record for toy sales for thousands of children every year, especially during Christmas.

Why: It is such a joy to enjoy this scenery if you have no kids but for families, this is the time for bonding.

Location: Regent Street

Go View-Seeing At The Shard  

This is one of the tallest buildings in Europe and one of the best things to do in London, during Winter. 

You can get a 360 degrees view of the entire city of London from the 72nd floor. The Shard’s view is just one of the things to defrost yourself in the winter. Try their games, and go with your camera too! Lots of exciting moments to capture.

Why: this building holds a 5-star hotel, 4 restaurants, high-class bars, and the best views of London. We wouldn’t want you to miss it for anything.

Location: 32 London bridge Street.

First time visiting London?

What You Should Know 

Are you in London for the first time? How long do you plan to stay in London? What season is the time of your visit to London? To know the seasons is quite important so you can pack up accordingly, but these are just basic things. We have a list of things to point you to on your first journey.

• Purchase a visitor oyster card at home before arriving. The London oyster is an important thing to get before coming to London. It is used to pay for any more transportation and is quicker and cheaper.

• Look up your destinations: a lot of places in London are only accessible through bookings and reservations. To avoid long queues and sometimes disappointment, make proper research on where you’re going, how to get there, and how to access it.

• Stick to your budget: London is a place of luxury, it is a place of bewilderment and plenty of fun with lots of attraction. If you’re not careful, you will end up spending all your cash on sightseeing and treats. However, we wouldn’t want that for you but don’t go under budget either.

• Plan your day, activities, and visits. It is important to plan your day before stepping out.

Non-Touristy Things To Do In London  

Of course, every tourist wants to go to popular London tourist attractions but we are not all for that if you’re not, so we are giving you a number of things you can do differently:

• By now, everyone knows where to find newcomers, you’ll see them at the Shard, The Kew gardens, or The London Eye… that’s enough.

We introduce you to the Garden at 120. A 15-story building that harbors a commercial gallery, has over 30 tree fruits, 85 Italian wisteria trees, and a 2000ft long flowing water fountain. Full-time Londoners are conversant with London’s largest public rooftop space which gives a 360-degree view of the city beautifully.  

• Eating at picturesque hotels and popular restaurant is well known to tourists. Non-tourists would sometimes settle for places like the Leadenhall market. We love the bustling energy and efficient service of Leadenhall market, although made popular by Harry Potter fans, Leadenhall market is not always a tourist’s first choice. 

• Visit a bookshop: London is the city where stories happen every day, stories are written about, and stories are loved. Bookshops should be one of the most toured places but oh, well! 

• Expensive arts are also very cool but if you’re looking to pick up an unusual gift or just see art in a not-so-common place, then we recommend the Brick Lane Blackyard market. A place of blissful original arts made by locals. 

Fun Facts About London

• Did you know that over 300 languages are spoken in London? Wait, we will explain; London is a city with over nine million residents from different parts of the world, of course, your first-door neighbor can’t speak the same language as the third.

• London is surprisingly the smallest city in England. This small City has about 8 million trees. By modern UN’s definition of a forest, London can be officially recognized as a forest. Wow!

• During a tour around the city, watch out for the Royal flag, if you find one at any royal resident, say Buckingham palace, then the Queen resides there.

• Due to a superstitious belief, 6 Ravens are bred in the Tower of London and are believed to protect the tower. The practice dates back to the monarch age of Charles II

• There are more Indian Restaurants in London than there are in Mumbai, lol. Well, not literally, we mean that comparing the cuisine excellence of Indian foods, London statistically has the Michelin stars.   

• Did you know that there are more than one Londons in the world? Our very own UK London is the most fun and popular London. We have a few quotes that will agree with us- Samuel Jackson says “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”

• Another says “in London everyone is different, that means any one can fit in”

• Have you ever been to London? What were your experiences like?  

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