When You Need A Confidence Boost – 12 Ways To Gain Confidence Instantly


Ever walked in a crowded place with your head low but your legs just won’t stop wobbling? Don’t worry. We know of a few ways you can get over that. Stick around and after you finish reading this, your life mantra will be “Coffee in one hand, confidence in the other” (As you inhale confidence, you let out and exhale doubt).  

How To Boost Confidence Immediately  

Confidence within, to some people, doesn’t come easy. Maybe you’ve been recently laid off or you didn’t get that promotion you so badly needed. But at the end of it, you have to elude confidence, even if it means “faking it till you make it.”  

Some of the confidence-boosting ways you should practice involve; paying attention to your posture, smiling, giving yourself a pep talk, primping yourself, eating something healthy, and also taking a moment to breathe.

What Boosts Confidence  

Many people believe that a lack of confidence could be a result of criticism, poor time management, and being unhappy with personal appearance to name a few. But we believe that when we lack confidence in ourselves, it’s probably because we are afraid of what others will think of us, so we shy away from doing what we want because we are afraid that the consequences may be embarrassing. 

Anyways, what will help you get rid of such negative vibes from your body is positive thinking. The trick is convincing yourself that you can do something – with the right help, support, preparedness, and knowledge. Another thing that will help is knowing who you are. Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are. 

Confidence Boost Playlist  

If rainbows, sweet dog pics, and amusing GIFs don’t help boost your confidence, music could. There are so many confidence-boosters tunes that will have you singing in your car and strutting down the sidewalk again when you need a boost. Two studies published in 2012 in the Journal of Positive Psychology indicated that listening to music can improve one’s mood.  Why not put these songs into your playlist?

  1. “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” By Kelly Clarkson  
  2. “Started from The Bottom” By Drake 
  3. “Fighter” By Christina Aguilera  
  4. “Titanium” By David Guetta Featuring Sia  
  5. “Rise” By Katy Perry  
  6. “Not Afraid” By Eminem  
  7. “Love Myself” By Hailee Steinfeld 
  8. ” Flawless” By Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj  
  9. “Run The World (Girls)” By Beyoncé 
  10. “Irreplaceable” By Beyoncé.  

A List Of 12 Things You Should Do To Boost Your Confidence  

One thing you must keep at the back of your mind is that confidence is a mindset and our mindset is influenced by ourselves and the people around us. So if you hang around people with positive minds, yours will eventually be influenced. And so, as promised, these are the ways you can give your boost of confidence immediately. 

  1. Surround yourself with positive minds. Find people who make you feel good about yourself and avoid the negative Nancy of the world.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others. There’s never going to be another you. Comparing yourself to others will only weigh you down. Would you compare ice cream to cake?
  3. Get a hobby. Whether it is reading a book, skipping, or playing a musical instrument, just do what you enjoy.
  4. Talk yourself up. You’ll never feel confident if you never have good commentary running through your mind. Tell yourself “you inspire you” like Kanye West said, you’re the best, you’re different. Simply cheer yourself on.
  5. Exercise. Besides benefitting your health in general or giving you that toned body, exercise helps memory retention, manages stress, prevents depression, and keeps you engaged too. It’s harder to be anxious when you have a 150lb weight to push.
  6. Stay away from negative thoughts. “I am not good enough”, “I’m not pretty enough”, bullshit!!! Refrain from these kinds of thoughts and watch yourself glow.
  7. Acknowledge your accomplishments. Did you secure a job today? So what if it wasn’t your dream job? Own it! That was all you! Sip that wine and pat yourself on the back.
  8. Love the things that make you unique. We cannot stress this enough. Like popular American Rapper J Cole said, “love yourz” people.
  9. Face your fears head-on. Through consistent exposure to situations you fear and habitually avoid, you can build your confidence.
  10. Dress the part. Although it might appear shallow, the way we dress creates an impression about who we are. So why not put on that fire outfit you’ve been hiding away in your closet?
  11. Do not focus on perfection, focus more on growth. No one can truly be perfect, not even SpongeBob. Focus on your self-growth and avoid trying to be perfect, as the lack of it might destroy your confidence.
  12. Take care of your health; physical and mental. It is a no-brainer that the more you treat yourself and your mental space well, the more confident you are.

Five Confidence Boosters Quotes  

1) “Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.” –Helen Keller  

2) “Sonner or later, those who win are those who think they can.” – Paul Tournier  

3) “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.” –  Eleanor Roosevelt  

4) “We all have our limitations, but when we listen to our critics, we also have theirs.” –Robert Breault  

5) “So plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.” –Jorge Luis Borges

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Gaining Confidence Within When You Step Into Your Power  
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