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Between 1934 and 1945, a French man named Pierre Alexandre Claudius Balmain worked with Fashion icon Christian Dior for Lucien Lelongin in Paris. Mr. Pierre during his study in architecture for a year in Paris decided on another route, the fashion route, after which he soon discovered the potential of the American market and believed strongly that “Dressmaking is the architecture of movement”, which led him to establish Maison Balmain as a couture house. A house which today, has transcended time to be one of the leading fashion names in the world.  

The Balmain brand is synonymous with strong, maximalist, and glamourous. Founded in 1945, Pierre Balmain was central on revolutionizing the French styles. He decided to focus on the American market at a time which was not ideal.

After the death of its founder, the fashion house continued in business with several other designers, shifting ownership throughout the 1980s with some of their biggest additions being the ready-to-wear line in 1982. In 1993, Oscar de la Renta took on the position of the creative director of the fashion house, a moment in Balmain history monumental for the fact that Oscar De la Renta was the first American to be posted as head designer of the fashion house with his first collection appearing on the runway in 1994.  

In 2002 Laurent Mercier and Christophe Lebourg became the next successors of the brand, with Christophe seeking out a way to overhaul the brand’s aesthetics and introduce the flashy Balmain evening wears, provoking a new craze known as “Balmania”  

Olivier Rousteing out of all the fashion designers that “ruled” Balmain currently occupies the creative director post. Named creative director in 2011, he managed to impose a contemporary outlook – a silhouette that reflects the women and men of his own generation, dubbed the “Balmain army”.  

So there it is guys, now you’re all caught up on Balmain’s history. Which of these new creative designs and looks do you consider your personal best? We can all agree that Balmain’s history is long, reflecting exciting and inclusive diversity of the modern Balmain universe, as such when it comes to deciding your “must have” collections, it becomes a little difficult, but rest easy, we are here to guide you and tell you which Balmain’s pieces you should definitely have, ranging from Balmain watches to clothes, these pieces are just for you.   

Balmain’s ladies Maestria watch – a modish piece meant to compliment your wrists which is perfect for your daily wear, and the best part is that it is water resistant!   

Balmain’s ladies Laelia watch diamonds steel B36953314, this one is a famous piece that is available in silver color and contains a sapphire crystal which can be worn by a teenager or an adult. Mothers you have to watch out for your daughters occasionally borrowing this one.  

Balmain's ladies Laelia watch diamonds steel

Balmain Ladies Miss Balmain watch black bracelet B18113362 or your Balmain black cotton double-breasted jacket. You might also want to have these jackets and dresses ladies;  

Balmain Ladies Miss Balmain watch black bracelet
Balmain's crystals and pearls blazer dress

Balmain’s crystals and pearls blazer dress, Balmain shimmery Jersey draped dress, if you want that chic look, you could go for Balmain Barbie sweater, Balmain logo cropped sweater for the winter and if you want a more casual look. We also suggest the Balmain monogram jacket, the Balmain double-breasted sweater, or the iconic criss-cross buttons blazer. There are plenty of “must have” collection options for you to choose from. 

Feels like we’ve been talking about the ladies only, don’t worry guys, we have some cool collections for you as well. Don’t tell us you don’t already have the Balmain coated denim leather or the Balmain Logo-patch striped cardigan. No? what do you wear then for your casual evening dates?   

You’re a fan of denim? Then try out the Distressed denim Balmain t-shirt or the six-button twill blazer to claim your boss status. There’s a lot for everyone with Balmain, so go out there and seize those looks!  

Distressed denim Balmain t-shirt

We know some of us love buttons, so we also made a list of some iconic Balmain staple pieces for you. Ladies you can get; the Balmain black double-breasted leather blazer, Balmain black wool cropped 6 Gold-tone button groupier jacket, Balmain short black asymmetric jacket, Balmain black and white lurex knit tailored jacket, or the Balmain royal blue and black Bulce tweed. 

Guys you can check the Balmain embroidery double-breasted blazer, Balmain peak lapel double-breasted blazer, Balmain monogram double-breasted blazer, or the Balmain monogram-print Blazer -men- cotton. They will go well with your Balmain shoes.  

Pierre Alexandre Claudius Balmain travelled the boundaries of the French and American borders to give us this timeless brand which has cultivated new creative trends with their long line of creative directors. We can truly believe that “good fashion is evolution, not revolution”

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