The 4 Most Popular Gucci Bags

Gucci Bags

Timeless, classic, and iconic. These are just the words we’ll use to reference Gucci handbags. Each Gucci beloved piece is designed with a contemporary approach to archival elements. These timeless bags that exude elegance, however, do not come cheap. It’s a luxury brand, after all, you need to “splash” a little to get your “drip”. We’ll get you started on some of the most popular of these great must-have bags.

• The Gucci Bamboo Bag

A bag that is made out of bamboo sticks? Just how refined can Gucci get? Carrying a Gucci Bamboo bag is like carrying a little taste of history. Founded by Guccio Gucci in the 1941 post-war era, he realized that using a bamboo stick would be more convenient when raw materials became harder to get. Little did he know that it would become the Frontline of the modern iconic statement. It is so popular that the new redesign of the bag is loved by Beyoncé, Beyoncé!!  

You can find this bag in Gucci stores for $1500 and higher.

• Gucci Diana Bag

Also referred to as the Gucci tote bag. It was released in 1991 and became Princess Diana’s signature accessory symbolizing her confidence and free spirit. We think we can all agree that Princess Diana had taste. Today, it still represents your love for fashion and well… how much money you have! Take it from us, this bag isn’t cheap, but what did you expect from a bag named after an actual princess?   

The bag comes in 7 colors and 3 sizes. The mini, small, and medium, so you have the option to choose which will fit you best. The neon bands come in yellow, pink, and orange.

• Gucci Jackie Bag

First spotted when Jackie Kennedy was seen carrying this unisex tote bag in 1961, it sent the fashion world crazy, like Kanye crazy! The new modern spin allows the bag to be used as a cross-body bag with an array of soft pastel shades along with a long adjustable strap. Although, the gold buckle closure continues to be the main showpiece.  

• Gucci Dionysus Bag

Gucci Dionysus bag
Gucci Dionysus Bag

This one is a stretch we know. Michele truly had it out for the fashion society with this one. As mentioned before, this is one of the most famous bags carefully crafted with a fine GG supreme canvas. This bag introduced a noted hardware component – a horseshoe-shaped aged metal clasp tipped with two tiger heads as an ode to the Greek god Dionysus, who according to legend rode a chariot drawn by tigers. Power move! But mostly, we care more about the stunning pastel shades, bright colors, and the GG logo printed all over.

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