Hermès Price Increase 2024: New Prices in Europe

Hermès Price Increase 2024: New Prices in Europe

The Hermès tea – the 2024 price update for Europe just landed, and we need to talk about it! Remember that Constance we were obsessing over last year? Well, it’s time to dust off that wishlist and recalibrate for pure luxury.

Here’s the lowdown: Across the board, Hermès increased prices by an average of 8%. Sounds dramatic, right? But let’s break it down like we dissect the latest fashion show at Paris Fashion Week.

The It-Bags: Kelly & Birkin

We all know these iconic bags are basically arm candy royalty with waitlists longer than Coachella. The Birkin 25cm in Togo leather? Up from €8600 to a cool €8900. Not a major jump, but hey, every euro counts when you’re collecting timeless treasures. The Kelly also saw a similar bump, with the 25cm Sellier in Epsom leather going from €9100 to €9500. Again, not earth-shattering, but a friendly reminder that these luxury investments keep getting more covetable.

Beyond The Classics

But Hermès isn’t all about the Birkin and Kelly. Let’s explore some of their under-the-radar gems. The Constance 18cm in Epsom leather, for example, went from €6700 to €6950. Still a hefty price tag, but for a bag with timeless elegance? Maybe it’s worth adding to your collection. And for those who love a good crossbody, the Evelyne III 16cm in Clemence leather jumped from €1570 to €1660. Because hey, a queen deserves versatility, and every detail counts!

So, What’s The Verdict, Darling?

Honestly? It’s just another chapter in the Hermès story. Prices tend to inch up every year, and these bags hold their value like nobody’s business. Think of it as an investment that keeps getting more luxurious! But hey, if you were this close to snagging that dream bag last year, this might be the perfect push to finally make it yours! You deserve to own a piece of fashion history, and with some strategic shopping sprees (retail therapy is a must!), that Hermès masterpiece could be yours after all.

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on prices for other Hermès goodies like scarves and wallets. We can’t forget those! Who knows, maybe with a little shopping magic, your Hermès collection is about to expand in the most delightful way.

Hermès Price Comparison Chart (Europe):

BagLeather2022 Price (EUR)2023 Price (EUR)2024 Price (EUR)Price Increase (2023-2024)
Birkin25cm Togo€8600€8900€300 (3.4%)
Kelly25cm Sellier Epsom€9100€9500€400 (4.4%)
Constance18cm Epsom€6700€6950€250 (3.7%)
Constance18cm Clemence
Evelyne III16cm Clemence€1570€1660€90 (5.7%)
Lindy MiniClemence
Lindy 26cmClemence

Note: Prices for Constance and Lindy in Clemence leather and other Hermès products are not yet available for 2022 and 2023. We will update this chart as soon as this information becomes available.

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