How To Do Natural Makeup Step By Step

How To Do Natural Makeup Step By Step

You know how obsessed we are with that effortless, “I woke up like this” look? Well, guess what? It’s not magic (although sometimes it feels that way). It’s all about mastering the art of natural makeup. And let’s be honest, who better to get schooled by than your favorite Chanel beauty expert, right?

Now, before you think natural makeup means skipping all the fun stuff, think again! We’re talking about enhancing your natural beauty, not erasing it. Think dewy skin, a touch of flush, and lashes that say, “Yeah, I woke up fabulous, deal with it.”

Prepping For Perfection: The Secret Weapon

Okay, listen up. Natural makeup starts with a blank canvas, and that canvas is your skin. Here’s where your BFF, the Chanel Hydra Beauty Microserum , comes into play. This lightweight serum is a game-changer. Packed with hyaluronic acid, it plumps and hydrates your skin, leaving you with a dewy base that screams “healthy glow.” Apply a few drops after cleansing and toning, and trust me, your skin will thank you.

Prime Time: Your Natural Makeup BFF

Now, for a little secret most people miss: primer! A good primer acts like a magic potion, creating a smooth canvas for your makeup and making it last longer. Here’s the best part: you can totally go natural here! Amazon has a fantastic selection of organic and natural primers, like the Honeydew Glow Primer from Pacifica . This little gem is infused with coconut milk and rice water, giving you a radiant base without any harsh chemicals. Apply a thin layer after your moisturizer has sunk in, focusing on areas where you tend to get oily.

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Natural Flawless: Foundation? Maybe.

Here’s the thing about foundation in a natural look: it’s optional! If you have even skin tone and minimal blemishes, you can totally skip it. But for those days when you need a little extra coverage, a tinted moisturizer is your new best friend. Chanel’s Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint is a dream come true. It provides sheer to medium coverage that evens out your skin tone without looking cakey. Plus, the lightweight formula feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Apply it with a damp beauty blender for an airbrushed finish.

Pro Tip: Different Strokes For Different Folks

Now, for a little secret about foundation application: it depends on your skin tone! Here’s a quick guide:

  • Fair Skin: Opt for shades with a pink or neutral undertone. Avoid anything too yellow or orange, as it can make you look a bit oompa loompa-ish.
  • Light-Medium Skin: You have more flexibility! Look for shades with pink, neutral, or even golden undertones. Experiment and see what flatters you most.
  • Medium Skin: This is where things get fun! You can rock shades with pink, neutral, or even olive undertones. The key is to find a shade that matches your neck perfectly.
  • Deep Skin: Look for shades with rich brown or red undertones. Avoid anything ashy or gray, as it can wash you out.

Spot Check: The Art Of Concealing

Okay, even the best skin has its off days. That’s where concealer comes in. But for a natural look, ditch the full-coverage stuff. Opt for a lightweight formula that blends seamlessly and doesn’t cake up in fine lines. Here’s a secret weapon: Chanel’s Correcteur Perfection Long-Lasting Concealer. It comes in a variety of shades and blends like a dream, covering dark circles and blemishes without looking heavy. Apply it with a small brush or your fingertips, tapping gently to blend.

Pro Tip: Brighten Up!

Here’s a trick most makeup artists use for a natural look: a touch of brightening concealer in the inner corner of your eyes and under your brow bone. This instantly lifts and brightens your entire face. Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

Cheek Chic: The Natural Flush

Now, let’s add some color! Cream blush is your best friend for a natural look. It blends seamlessly and gives your cheeks a healthy flush. Chanel’s Les Beiges Blush comes in a variety of gorgeous shades, from soft pinks to peachy corals. Use your fingertips to apply a small amount to the apples of your cheeks, blending outwards towards your temples. Here’s a fun tip: smile while applying to ensure the blush goes right where it flatters your face the most.

Pro Tip: Find Your Perfect Shade

Not sure which blush shade to pick? Here’s a cheat sheet:

  • Fair Skin: Opt for soft pinks, baby peaches, or lavender shades. These will add a natural flush without overwhelming your delicate complexion.
  • Light-Medium Skin: You can rock a wider range of colors! Pinks, peaches, corals, and even soft plums will all look amazing.
  • Medium Skin: This is where you can have the most fun! Play with pinks, peaches, corals, rose colors, and even bronzes. Experiment and see what makes you feel beautiful.
  • Deep Skin: Look for richer shades like berry tones, deep plums, and bronzes. These will add warmth and dimension to your beautiful complexion.

Brow Business: Naturally Framed

Brows are the frame of your face, so it’s important to define them without going overboard. For a natural look, skip the harsh lines and dramatic arches. Instead, use an eyebrow pencil or powder that matches your natural brow color. Chanel’s Stylo Sourcils is a lifesaver. It has a fine tip that lets you create hair-like strokes for a natural, defined brow. Use light, feathery strokes to fill in any sparse areas and gently shape your brows.

Pro Tip: Blonde BFF? For blondes, here’s a secret: opt for a brow product that’s a shade or two taupe-ier than your hair color. This will add definition without looking harsh.

Kiss And Tell: Naturally Luscious Lips

Natural makeup doesn’t mean boring lips! There are a ton of ways to add a hint of color and keep things natural. Here are your options:

  • Tinted Lip Balm: This is your secret weapon for naturally kissable lips. Look for a balm with a hint of sheer color and moisturizing ingredients. Chanel’s Rouge Coco Baume comes in a variety of gorgeous shades and leaves your lips feeling soft and hydrated.
  • Lipstick: Who says you can’t wear lipstick for a natural look? Opt for sheer or satin formulas in nudes, pinks, or rose colors. Apply a single swipe from the bullet and blot your lips for a soft, just-kissed stain.

Pro Tip: Line And Define (Optional):

Want a little more definition? Line your lips with a lip liner that matches your natural lip color. This will help your lipstick stay put and prevent bleeding. But remember, for a natural look, keep the lip liner subtle!

Naturally Mesmerizing: Lashes To Die For (Optional)

Here’s the thing about lashes in a natural look: they can be optional! But if you want to add a touch of drama, skip the falsies and mascara and opt for a lash curler and a lengthening mascara. Chanel’s Le Volume de Chanel Mascara is a cult classic for a reason. It defines, separates, and adds volume to your lashes without looking clumpy.

Pro Tip: Curl Power!

Before applying mascara, curl your lashes with a high-quality eyelash curler. This will instantly open up your eyes and make them appear bigger and brighter.

Natural Beauty Hacks: Secrets Of The Trade

Now, let’s talk about some bonus hacks to take your natural makeup game to the next level:

Setting Spray Savior: Lock in your flawless look with a setting spray. Chanel’s Long-Lasting Makeup Mist sets your makeup in place for hours without leaving a heavy or tacky feeling. Spritz a light mist all over your face after applying your makeup to keep everything in place from morning to night.

The Power of Placement: Blush isn’t the only thing that can add dimension to your face. Apply a touch of bronzer (think two shades darker than your foundation shade) to the hollows of your cheeks, your forehead hairline, and the bridge of your nose for a natural, sculpted look. Here’s a secret most people don’t know: apply a tiny bit of bronzer to the crease of your eyelid for added depth. Just blend it well!

Glow Getter: Highlighting is your friend for a natural look. Opt for a cream or liquid highlighter that matches your skin tone. Apply a small amount to the tops of your cheekbones, your brow bone, and the inner corners of your eyes to add a natural, dewy glow.

Clean Up Crew: Nobody’s makeup is perfect. That’s where cotton swabs and makeup remover come in. Keep a box of cotton swabs on hand to clean up any mascara smudges or lipstick mistakes. And for a natural makeup look, the key is to blend, blend, blend! If something looks too harsh, use a damp beauty blender to soften the edges and create a seamless finish.

Natural Beauty By Night: When Does It Work?

Natural makeup isn’t just for daytime! It’s also a perfect choice for a night out when you want to look polished but not overdone. Here are some tips for taking your natural look from day to night:

Shimmer and Shine: Swap your cream blush for a powder blush with a slight shimmer for a touch of evening glam.

Line Dance: Define your lips with a lip liner in a shade slightly deeper than your natural lip color. Then, fill them in with your favorite lipstick for a more polished look.

Smokey Eye on the Low-Key: Want a smokey eye without the drama? Apply a charcoal or brown eyeshadow to your crease and blend it well. Then, line your upper lash line with a kohl pencil and smudge it slightly for a sultry, yet natural effect.

Natural Beauty By Skin Tone: Tailoring Your Look

Now, let’s talk about how to tailor your natural makeup look to your specific skin tone:

Fair Skin: Focus on light, cool-toned colors to enhance your delicate complexion. Think soft pinks, peaches, and rosy nudes for blush and lips. For eyes, stick to neutral eyeshadow palettes with browns, taupes, and champagnes.

Light-Medium Skin: You have more flexibility! Play with a wider range of colors, from pinks and peaches to corals and soft plums. For eyes, explore neutral browns, bronzes, and even cooler tones like grays and taupes.

Medium Skin: This is where you can have the most fun! Experiment with warm and cool tones for blush and lips. Bronzer is your friend, and for eyes, play with browns, golds, and even pops of color like emerald green or plum.

Deep Skin: Look for richer tones like berry colors, deep plums, and bronzes for blush and lips. For eyes, browns, golds, and coppers will look amazing. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder colors like purples and blues.

Remember, natural makeup is all about enhancing your natural beauty, not covering it up.

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