Visiting Toronto For The First Time – 12 Things You Should Know Before Getting On That Plane

Airport in Toronto - Toronto Pearson

You may be asking yourself whether to visit Toronto or not; the best answer is a great yes. Since Toronto is one of the megacities in Canada and North America, it offers visitors a lot. Toronto tourism has been on the rise, especially during the summer months. 

As the capital of Canada, the diverse city has a lot to offer. You may enjoy its nearness to the shores of Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario is excellent for boating and also creates an exciting climate throughout the year.

If you are going to visit this popular city, then you might as well be conversant with what you can expect on your arrival. It always disturbing the reach a place and you lack any knowledge about it, and therefore we believe this information will have you well equipped for your trip. 

A History On Toronto

As a fact, Toronto is a town full of history. Indigenous people settled in Toronto as part of the trading path that drove to the various lakes in the northern region. Also, it served as a settlement place for the French and British. It was the settlement of the French and British that made Toronto the city of Canada. 

Also, Fort Yolk was built in Toronto. Unfortunately, it was tempered by Americans in 1812. Since then, Toronto has risen over time. It has absorbed the neighboring towns, thus making it Canada’s powerhouse in cultural and economic matters. 

Your Safety While In Toronto

Since Toronto is a cosmopolitan and most famous town in northern America, it is expected to have a high crime rate. However, this is not the case; people in Toronto walk around during the day and even at night. The fact that they work day and night makes the town relatively safe for you as a visitor and even its inhabitants. However, it is worth knowing that some parts are risky, Therefore, it’s wise to take the same precaution you would take when traveling to any big city, not everybody has good intentions.

It would be better if you make friends fast enough to increase your chances of safety. usually people with bad intentions would never dare attack you if you are with another person, but generally, Toronto is safe enough for anybody who wants to visit.

The Climate And Weather Of Toronto

It is worth knowing that you will experience four distinct seasons in Toronto due to its nearness to the lake. You shouldn’t be surprised if the temperatures fluctuate from as low as -30 degrees centigrade during the January winter and rise to over 35 degrees celsius during the august summer. 

Also, it is essential to know that Toronto’s summer is better from May to June than from July to August. Moreover, if you are planning to visit Toronto during the summer, it is essential to know that the weather might be a bit unfavorable. you will experience some heat and humidity with a little smog, so it wishes to carry the necessary clothes. 

The Airports Of Toronto 

Toronto airplane

When visiting Toronto, are high chances of flying to the place. Therefore, knowing the two main airports most passengers use, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and Toronto Pearson International Airport, is essential. 

Depending on the exact place you want to visit in Toronto, you should choose which airport you want to land at. The airport of choice should reduce the costs you will incur to get your place of interest. Also, reliable means to your area of interest should be available at the airport of your choice. 

Culture In Toronto

It is of benefit to know that there are so many different cultures in the current Toronto. Toronto is among the most diverse cities, with more than 200 nationalities. Also, there are more than 140 different languages spoken in this mega town. Little Portugal, Little Italy, Korea Town, and other neighborhoods should not be astonished that the city contains a large number of international pockets all over. 

However, the presence of many languages doesn’t limit the city from having a distinct language spoken by many. The town uses English and French as the official languages. Telephone services are, however, able to respond to using more than 140 languages to its customers.

Nightclubs, Restaurants, And Bars

This tasteful city has so many entertainment places that you can visit while in Toronto. For example, you can enjoy Latin cuisine in Baro restaurant, you can find some beautiful Portuguese cuisine in Casa Portuguesa, and many other excellent restaurants where you can enjoy cuisines of your taste. 

While in Toronto, it’s difficult to avoid the nightlife, as nightlife is one of Toronto’s attractions. To enjoy your night, you may decide to choose among the many beautiful nightclubs present in the city. Some of the beautiful clubs to consider are; Coda nightclubs, Rebel nightclubs, Cabana Pool Bar, and many others according to your preferences. Downtown Toronto is the best place to visit in the great Toronto at night.

Parks, Museums, And Towers

Mega museums have enormous and envious collections of art. If you are wondering which museum to visit, you should consider Royal Ontario Museum since it has over 13 million artworks. The museum remains the most visited one in the world. 

To add, High Park is one of the most beautiful and preferred in the town. High Park offers different cultural facilities, sporting, a zoo, and unique cafes. Also, when considering a tower to visit, you should know that the CN Tower stands out as the most impressive in Canada. It is useless visiting this town without stepping into CN Tower.

Festivals In Toronto

The most visited places in Toronto remain to be festivals as millions of visitors are expected to be seen each year. Since there are many festivals in Toronto, it is of great advantage to you as there are more unique options. 

Depending on the event that amazes you most, you will plan on the best time to visit Toronto. For example, pride festivals are held in June, The Caribbean carnival, which is a huge summer festival, Toronto Jazz Festival, and the International Film Festival in September. With this in mind, you can decide the best time to visit the town.

Prepare To Tip

While you plan to visit bars, cafes, and restaurants, it is worth knowing that Toronto has a strong culture of tipping. The town tips are approximate 15 % on top of your bills. Preparing for tipping means that you will be adding an extra 15% to every account that you plan to pay while in Toronto. Tipping can make the carrying of cash handier; this, however, should not make you worried as the tipping can also be done even when using a card to pay. Tipping makes the services offered in Toronto great.

Know Where To Live

Due to the urbanization in Toronto, the place has become too costly to stay in. Therefore, as a person, you should decide on the best economical place to live while in Toronto. You can search for rooms on sites like Roomlala and Roomster to get the cheapest and more comfortable spaces. Knowing this makes your stay memorable and affordable, so you can even plan to revisit the place.

A Whole Section Of The City Is Underground

However much this might seem unrealistic, it is a fact that underneath the city lies a nineteen kilometers-long network of stores and corridors that make up the famous PATH system. The underground feature gives Toronto an extraordinary shopping experience and also a great way that enables you to go around parts of Toronto during the freezing winter seasons. Therefore, if you find the streets too quiet, you should opt to head to the underground world.

Getting Around

Buses, subways, and street cars commonly make up the public transport in Toronto. Public transport does not get the best representation as delays are more common. The wait, however, should not make you not move from one place to the other. You should pick up a Presto Card, which enables you to top up and use a contactless card to pay for your journeys. Also, you can purchase tickets at the stations. You may also decide to pick a bike when you arrive that will enable you to cycle while in Toronto. Hiring a car is also an option for you. Depending on what you like and how you would like to travel, you can decide on the opportunity to choose while moving around Toronto. 

Toronto is massive, a town more significant than any other in northern America. It consists of a bustling metropolis with creative and entrepreneurial types of valuable things to visit, eye-catching places to dine, and interesting events for ways to spend your weekends. 

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