Are You Ready To Say Yes To These Prada Sneakers?

Prada has been producing some of the best quality sneakers that have been ruling the market for a long time. They are known for their comfortable yet elegant sneakers to fit just about the right occasions.

Prada Downtown Perforated Leather High-Top Sneakers

Starting Price: $ 1,250

Size: 34.5-40

These sporty high-top sneakers made of perforated leather feature various interpretations of the Prada logo. It includes the signature triangle pattern decorating the ankle and is embroidered in light rubber along with a tongue that features an image of a shoemaker at work; indeed, this is a piece of art.

This sneaker comes in black and white; they are also made from genuine leather, guaranteeing durability. Geometric tread

  • Leather-and-fabric lining
  • Cotton laces
  • Perforated motif on the upper

Prada PRAX 01 Sneakers

Starting Price: $975

Sizes: 35-41.5

PRAX 01 sneakers are made of Re-Nylon, an innovative material produced from recycled plastic materials collected in the ocean, and brushed leather. This shoe combines elegant design with technical innovation typical of Prada collections.

The triangle logo, now imbued with a new sporty spirit, stands out on the side of the shoe. The chunky rubber tread sole gives it an alluring look and feel. This sneaker comes in black and white. It is made from two very quality materials, fabric and leather hence giving it its classy look, and it also comes in all shoe sizes. This is one type of Prada sneaker you should have in your collection.

Prada Cloudbust Thunder Sneakers

Starting Price: $1,200

Sizes: 34.5-41

These Prada Cloudbust Thunder sneakers are the perfect way to embrace the future. Featuring almond toes, lace-up front fastenings, and ridged rubber soles, they’re cool enough for anyone who loves fashion, whether or not you live in a dystopian city run by robots!

The three-dimensional effect of the upper, created by an injected rubber eyestay element in technical fabric and rubber with intricate volumes, is a distinctive feature that characterizes the Prada Cloudbust Thunder sneakers.

It comes in many colors black, white, silver, celeste, and Alabasta pink. You get any size that you want from most stores around your area.

Double Wheel Nylon Gabardine Sneakers

Starting Price: $1,020

Sizes: 37.5-41

The Double Wheel sneakers have a retro soul and innovative design. The thick rubber sole contrasts nicely with the classic gabardine upper, with its rubber triangle logo. It gives you the real feeling of class, and you stand out effortlessly.

It comes in different colors; cornflower blue, white, black, celeste, military green, and alabaster pink. Here are some of the special features that come with this sneaker.

  • Embossed rubber Prada triangle logo
  • Leather lining
  • 50 mm rubber sole
  • Flat cotton laces

In the end, the new Prada sneakers look great. They’re an excellent update on the classic chukka and are certain to appeal to their target consumers, design-minded women looking for an affordable luxury brand within their reach. 

We assure you that once you set your foot in one of these pairs of sneakers, they will forever be your go-to sneakers. Whether you are taking a stroll on the streets or setting out for a journey, they just fit every occasion.

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