How To Attract Men

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Being an attractive woman isn’t all about looks. Although making yourself physically presentable and alluring can be a key factor in attracting men, there are many other things that come into play when getting them to notice you. 

Be Yourself

Most importantly, be yourself. You won’t attract the right mate if you’re pretending to be someone you’re not or faking interests to get his attention. Transform yourself into the woman you want to be, without hesitation, and be unapologetic about it. Building your self-esteem is crucial before entering the dating scene. 

Know Your Worth

You know what you bring to the table, so when you don’t feel like you’re appreciated that’s your red flag. Know what you deserve, and what you expect. Take men off their pedestal and realize they are only human, they will make mistakes but never settle for someone who doesn’t try to better themselves for the sake of your relationship.

Confidence Is Key

Check your vibe. Are you shy, quiet, or unapproachable? Make sure if you’re interested in someone, you show them interest. It’s intimidating to act confident around someone you’re crushing on, but closed mouths don’t get fed. Let them know you’re interested, ask him about himself, his likes and dislikes, and use his name in conversation. 

Remain Independent 

Just because you’re merging your life with someone else doesn’t mean you need to merge your whole identity. Those little quirks of yours are what they adore about you, so don’t let them fade away while trying to make someone else a priority. Always remain a priority to yourself as well.

Showcase Your Passions

Nothing is more attractive than passion, but it doesn’t have to start in the bedroom. Show him what you’re passionate about, let him see the light in your eyes when you gush about your hobbies, and the fire in your heart when you divulge your upcoming business ventures. Success is sexy, and so is the drive to get there. 

Desperation Reeks

Desperation is a huge turn-off for anyone. Stop comparing yourself to his ex-girlfriends and showing jealousy over female coworkers. While playing hard to get might seem a little cliche, it works. That doesn’t mean push him away and make him fight for a chance to get closer to you, but don’t throw yourself at his feet either, and don’t be at his beck and call unless he returns that same energy.

Body Language

This one is huge. Use your body language to engage. Smile, hold eye contact, twirl your hair, lean in when he talks, and laugh at his jokes. Subtle cues go a long way when your body is reflecting what your heart is trying to say. 

Be Present 

We live in a world where remaining present at the moment can be difficult. We have tons of distractions throughout our days, but stay off your phone when you’re together. Listen intently when he talks, give thoughtful responses, and compliment him on his knowledge. 

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