Like A Local: Popular Paris Events By Month

Like A Local: Popular Paris Events By Month

January Events

Fashion Week: Paris Fashion Week is the biggest event in fashion, and it’s not to be missed. The city comes alive with runway shows, parties and events for all kinds of people.

Paris Marathon: This annual race takes place on Sunday of the third weekend in January (usually). It starts at Place de la Concorde and ends at Trocadero Gardens near the Eiffel Tower–a distance of 26 miles!

Jazz Festival: If you’re looking for something a little more low-key than Fashions Week or running 26 miles through Paris streets, check out this jazz festival that takes place every year from mid-January through early February at various venues around town (like Le Grand Rex).

February Events

February is a great time to visit Paris. The weather is still cold, but it’s not quite as cold as January or December. And there are some amazing festivals and events happening in February that you won’t want to miss!

Carnival of Masks: This annual event takes place in February and includes parades, music and dance performances, workshops on how to make your own masks (or buy them), food stands selling traditional French fare like crepes and hot chocolate–plus plenty more fun stuff for kids of all ages! It’s one of my favorite things about living here!

Salon du Chocolat: If you love chocolate as much as I do then this should be at the top of your list when planning your trip around Paris during February because it’s one of those rare times when we get together with friends who are also obsessed with eating as much deliciousness as possible without feeling guilty about it later on.

Fete des Neiges: Another great reason why visiting France during winter months could benefit both travelers looking for something different than just visiting museums all day long while also providing locals with opportunities such as ice skating rinks being open longer hours due to increased demand from tourists wanting something fun yet affordable option available nearby.

March Events

March is a great time to visit Paris. It’s still winter, but you can see the first signs of spring in the city’s gardens and parks. If you’re looking for something fun to do during this month, here are some events that are worth checking out:

Cabaret Sauvage – This festival takes place at Parc de la Villette from March 1-31st and features music performances by artists like Bon Iver and The National. If you’re into indie rock or folk music, this event will be right up your alley!

Printemps de Bourges – This annual music festival takes place over two weeks (March 8-19) at multiple venues throughout Bourges, France; it features both local acts as well as international performers who come from all over Europe and beyond! If you love discovering new bands then this is definitely an experience not worth missing out on!

Paris Half Marathon – Held annually since 1978 by the Association des Amis du Marathon International d’Paris (AAMIP), this race has grown exponentially since its inception with over 17000 runners participating each year now making it one of Europe’s largest races along with London & Berlin marathons.”

April Events

April is a great time to visit Paris. The weather is usually nice, and there are some fun events to attend. Here are some of our favorites:

Foire de Paris (April 5-7) – This annual fair takes place in the Grand Palais, where you can find everything from food vendors to art exhibits.

Easter Sunday Celebrations – If you’re looking for something more traditional than chocolate eggs and rabbits, check out this celebration of Easter in Paris! It includes an outdoor mass at Notre Dame Cathedral as well as colorful parades along Avenue des Champs-Elysees and Place Vendome.

Paris Marathon (April 21) – If you want some exercise but don’t want to run yourself into exhaustion during your trip, then consider signing up for this marathon! It goes through many parts of Paris including Montmartre and Trocadero Gardens before ending at Champ de Mars near Eiffel Tower

May Events

Fête de la Nature (Nature Festival): The Fête de la Nature, or Nature Festival, takes place in May and celebrates the natural beauty and biodiversity of France. This nationwide event includes a variety of outdoor activities, guided nature walks, workshops, and exhibitions held in parks, gardens, and natural reserves across Paris and throughout the country. Visitors can participate in birdwatching tours, botanical workshops, wildlife photography sessions, and more, all aimed at promoting environmental awareness and appreciation for the natural world.

Festival de Cannes (Cannes Film Festival): While the Festival de Cannes primarily takes place in Cannes, it significantly impacts the cultural scene in Paris as well. Held annually in May, this prestigious film festival attracts international filmmakers, actors, and cinephiles to showcase the latest cinematic masterpieces and celebrate the art of filmmaking. In Paris, cinephiles can catch screenings of selected Cannes films at various cinemas and cultural venues across the city, as well as attend special events, film premieres, and discussions related to the festival.

Nuit des Musées (Night of Museums): The Nuit des Musées, or Night of Museums, is an annual event held in May where museums across Paris open their doors to the public for free late-night visits. Visitors can explore the city’s world-class museums and cultural institutions after hours, enjoying special exhibitions, guided tours, and unique activities. It’s a fantastic opportunity to discover the rich cultural heritage of Paris in a new and immersive way, with many museums offering live music, performances, and workshops throughout the night.

Roland-Garros (French Open): This prestigious Grand Slam tennis tournament is one of the most anticipated sporting events in the world. Held at the Stade Roland-Garros, it typically takes place over two weeks in late May and early June. Witness world-class tennis players compete on the iconic clay courts, creating thrilling matches and unforgettable moments. The atmosphere is electric, with passionate fans cheering on their favorites. If you’re a tennis enthusiast, this is a dream come true! Even if you’re not, the energy and excitement are contagious.

June Events

Fete de la Gastronomie: This festival celebrates French cuisine and takes place throughout the month of June. It’s a great opportunity to try new foods and restaurants, as well as attend cooking demonstrations and events that feature local farmers’ products.

Paris Plages: This beach-themed event turns part of the Seine River into an artificial beach with sand, palm trees and lounge chairs for visitors to enjoy during summer months (June 1-September 15). If you’re looking for something more active than lounging on the sand all day long, there are also activities such as volleyball games or kayaking available at certain locations along this stretch of riverbank.

La Nuit des Etoiles: This annual astronomy festival offers visitors an opportunity to learn about space exploration through lectures by experts in their field; take part in interactive workshops led by astronomers from around Europe; view exhibits featuring photos taken by astronauts onboard ISS missions; watch films about space exploration; explore various telescopes available for viewing under dark skies conditions…and much more!

July Events

Bastille Day (Fête Nationale): Bastille Day, known as “Fête Nationale” in French, is celebrated on July 14th and marks the French national holiday commemorating the storming of the Bastille prison during the French Revolution. Paris comes alive with festivities, including a grand military parade along the Champs-Élysées, followed by spectacular fireworks displays at iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadéro Gardens. The city is filled with a festive atmosphere, with street parties, concerts, and outdoor events taking place throughout the day and into the night.

Paris Plages (Paris Beaches): Paris Plages is an annual event that transforms the banks of the Seine River and other locations in the city into urban beaches, complete with sand, palm trees, and beach amenities. Throughout July, Parisians and visitors alike can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and relaxation along the Seine, as well as participate in various beach sports, games, and activities. Paris Plages also features pop-up bars, food stalls, live music performances, and cultural events, making it a vibrant summer destination for locals and tourists alike.

Tour de France Finish on the Champs-Élysées: The Tour de France, one of the world’s most prestigious cycling races, concludes with its final stage in Paris on the Champs-Élysées in mid-July. Cycling enthusiasts gather along the iconic avenue to witness the thrilling finish of the race, as cyclists sprint towards the finish line after completing their grueling journey across France. The atmosphere is electric, with cheering crowds, colorful decorations, and festivities celebrating the culmination of this epic sporting event.

Jazz à la Villette: Jazz à la Villette is an annual jazz festival held in July at Parc de la Villette, a cultural park in Paris. The festival showcases a diverse lineup of jazz musicians and performers from around the world, presenting concerts, jam sessions, workshops, and masterclasses over several days. Jazz enthusiasts can enjoy a wide range of musical styles, from traditional to contemporary, as well as discover emerging talents and renowned artists in an open-air setting surrounded by greenery and modern architecture. Jazz à la Villette offers a unique opportunity to experience the rich and vibrant world of jazz in the heart of Paris during the summer months.

August Events

Rock en Seine: Rock en Seine is one of France’s largest and most popular music festivals, taking place annually at the end of August in the Domaine National de Saint-Cloud, just outside of Paris. The festival features an eclectic lineup of rock, indie, electronic, and hip-hop artists from around the world, performing on multiple stages over three days. Attendees can enjoy a diverse range of music, as well as art installations, food stalls, and other entertainment throughout the festival grounds.

Cinéma en Plein Air (Outdoor Cinema): Cinéma en Plein Air is an outdoor cinema event held in August at Parc de la Villette in Paris. Throughout the month, film enthusiasts gather at the park to watch classic and contemporary films projected onto a giant screen under the stars. The program typically includes a mix of international cinema, cult classics, and family-friendly movies, offering something for everyone to enjoy in a unique and atmospheric setting.

Festival Fnac Live: Festival Fnac Live is a free music festival held in August at various outdoor locations in Paris, including the Parvis de l’Hôtel de Ville and the Parc de la Villette. The festival showcases a diverse lineup of French and international artists from various musical genres, ranging from pop and rock to electronic and hip-hop. Concerts take place over several days, giving music fans the opportunity to discover new artists and enjoy live performances in iconic Parisian settings.

CLASSIQUE AU VERT: This classical music festival brings the beauty of music to unexpected locations. Imagine enjoying a concert by a talented chamber ensemble in a charming Parisian garden or a historical monument, creating a truly unforgettable cultural experience.

September Events

Techno Parade: The Techno Parade is an annual electronic music parade that takes place in September, attracting thousands of music enthusiasts to the streets of Paris. Participants dance to the beats of electronic music played by DJs on floats, while colorful costumes, elaborate decorations, and energetic performances create a festive atmosphere. The parade route winds through the city’s iconic landmarks, culminating in a massive outdoor party at the end of the day.

Paris Design Week: Paris Design Week is a city-wide celebration of design and creativity that coincides with the Maison et Objet trade fair in September. Design enthusiasts, professionals, and aficionados gather to explore exhibitions, installations, workshops, and events held in various locations throughout Paris. From contemporary furniture and interior design to innovative installations and cutting-edge technology, Paris Design Week offers a comprehensive showcase of the latest trends and innovations in design.

L’Été Indien (Indian Summer): L’Été Indien, or Indian Summer, is a cultural festival held in September that celebrates the rich diversity of Indian culture in Paris. The festival features a wide range of events, including music concerts, dance performances, film screenings, art exhibitions, and culinary experiences, highlighting the vibrant traditions and heritage of India. Visitors can immerse themselves in the colors, flavors, and rhythms of Indian culture while exploring various venues across the city.

Journées du Patrimoine (Heritage Days): Journées du Patrimoine, or Heritage Days, is an annual event held in September that allows the public to explore and discover the cultural heritage of Paris and France. During the weekend-long event, historic buildings, monuments, museums, government institutions, and other sites of cultural significance open their doors to visitors for free or at a reduced admission price. Guided tours, exhibitions, workshops, and special activities provide unique insights into the history, architecture, and heritage of Paris, making Heritage Days a must-attend event for history enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

    October Events

    October is a great time to visit Paris. The weather is still warm, but not too hot and there are plenty of festivals and events to enjoy.

    Festival Automobile International: This car show takes place at the Grand Palais from October 7-14th. It’s one of the most important automobile shows in Europe and attracts over 1 million visitors each year! If you’re into cars or just want to check out some beautiful vehicles, this is definitely an event worth checking out!

    Salon du Livre: This book fair takes place at Porte de Versailles from October 11-15th (except Sunday). There will be hundreds of exhibitors showcasing their latest publications as well as workshops and lectures throughout the week long event so there’s sure to be something for everyone here!

    Nuit Blanche: If you’re looking for something different than all those other festivals we’ve mentioned so far then look no further than Nuit Blanche which happens every year on October 5th & 6th across various locations throughout Paris including Notre Dame Cathedral where they hold an art exhibition featuring works by famous artists such as Pablo Picasso & Vincent Van Gogh among others.

    November Events

    Paris Photo is the world’s largest international art fair dedicated to photography, held annually in November at the Grand Palais in Paris. The fair brings together leading galleries, collectors, photographers, and enthusiasts from around the globe to showcase the best in contemporary and historical photography. Visitors can explore a vast array of exhibitions, discover emerging talents, attend book signings, and participate in discussions and special events centered around photography as an art form.

    Salon du Chocolat: The Salon du Chocolat is an annual chocolate and cocoa fair held in November at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris. The event celebrates all things chocolate, with exhibitors including chocolatiers, pastry chefs, cocoa producers, and confectionery brands from around the world. Visitors can indulge in tastings, attend chocolate-making demonstrations, participate in workshops, and discover the latest trends and innovations in the world of chocolate and pastry.

    Festival d’Automne à Paris (Autumn Festival): The Festival d’Automne à Paris, or Autumn Festival, is a multidisciplinary arts festival held from September to December, with many events taking place in November. The festival presents a diverse program of contemporary arts, including theater, dance, music, visual arts, and performance art, featuring both French and international artists. Venues across Paris host performances, exhibitions, installations, and events that push the boundaries of artistic expression and engage audiences in thought-provoking and innovative experiences.

    Beaujolais Nouveau Day: Beaujolais Nouveau Day is an annual celebration held on the third Thursday of November to mark the release of Beaujolais Nouveau wine. In Paris, wine bars, restaurants, and bistros across the city host special tastings, parties, and events to celebrate the arrival of the young wine. Locals and visitors alike gather to sample the fresh, fruity flavors of Beaujolais Nouveau and toast to the start of the holiday season in a convivial atmosphere filled with food, music, and joie de vivre.

    December Events

    Paris Christmas Market: The most famous Christmas market in Paris is at the Champs Elysees, but there are other great ones that you should check out as well. One of them is Place du Tertre, which has been around since 1848 and features a wide variety of traditional French foods and drinks (including mulled wine). You can also find handmade crafts here, including toys for kids!

    Opera de Paris: This event takes place each year from December 9-22 at Palais Garnier–the home of the Paris Opera Ballet and Orchestra–and includes performances by both groups as well as guest artists from around Europe. It’s a great opportunity to see some amazing talent up close!

    Fete de la Lumiere: This festival runs from December 1-31 on Lyon, but its enchanting spirit extends to Paris as well every year! During the festival, landmarks, monuments, and public spaces in Paris are illuminated with stunning light installations, creating a magical ambiance throughout the city. Visitors can embark on illuminated walking tours, attend light shows, and admire the dazzling displays that transform Paris into a glittering winter wonderland.

    New Year’s Eve Celebrations (Réveillon du Nouvel An): New Year’s Eve in Paris is a festive affair, with locals and visitors ringing in the new year with style and excitement. The city comes alive with fireworks displays, street parties, and special events held at iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Élysées, and Montmartre. Restaurants, bars, and clubs host lavish dinners, parties, and soirées, offering guests the chance to indulge in gourmet cuisine, champagne toasts, and live entertainment as they bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new.

    Christmas Concerts and Performances: December in Paris is filled with enchanting Christmas concerts, ballets, and theatrical performances that capture the spirit of the holiday season. The city’s prestigious venues, including the Opéra Garnier, Théâtre du Châtelet, and churches such as Notre-Dame Cathedral and Sainte-Chapelle, host a variety of festive events featuring classical music, choral performances, ballets such as “The Nutcracker,” and theatrical productions inspired by classic holiday tales. These cultural experiences offer a magical way to celebrate the joys of Christmas and create lasting memories with loved ones.

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