7 Highly Talked About Toronto Restaurants – Best Spots When Visiting To Try

Best Toronto Restaurants

Toronto is known for being a Canadian metropolis with towering buildings, bustling streets, and a famous waterfront skyline dominated by the CN Tower, but that’s not all. As one of North America’s most important business centers, Toronto is known for attracting people from around the world. Some people would say it’s home to a diversity of cuisines, where the interiors are uninspiring but the food is delicious.

Even for a seasoned traveler, Toronto can be a bewildering place. Toronto was the capital of the united Province of Canada for two brief periods in the 19th century (1849-1852 and 1856–1858). And yes, Montreal used to be the capital of the Province of Canada (1844-1849). Vancouver has never been the capital of Canada. 

The actual capital of Canada is… Ottawa has three times fewer inhabitants than the biggest city Toronto.

When it comes to identity, few things can define a geographical area and its people as well as its food. Walk along the main street of a booming Toronto neighborhood and you’re almost guaranteed to get hungry, but first, you might get a bit confused about what you’re seeing (and smelling) around you.

While the new mass of celebrity restaurants has helped elevate the city’s culinary reputation, they are far from the only exciting dining experiences happening within Toronto’s borders.

When it comes to tasting Torontos’ most delicious flavors, a mix of modern fine dining, tasty street food, and possible celebrity run-ins is the only combination sure to do the trick. Here are the best to-visit spots for anyone looking to take a bite out of the city:

1. Alo Restaurant

163 Spadina Ave. Toronto, M5V 2L6

Alo Restaurant

The corner of Queen and Spadina was never the poshest or most interesting address in Toronto, so when chef Patrick Kriss announced he would open a restaurant on the third floor of a historic Victorian building there, local foodies were dubious. When Chef Patrick Kriss opened Alo restaurant, he knew he was taking a risk but he didn’t care.

His restaurant would be located on the third floor of a building in Toronto’s fashion district, above a body piercing studio. And there would be only one option for diners: A 10-course prix-fixe menu comprised of small, intricate dishes using ingredients many people would never have tasted before. The menu changes with the seasons; you’re as likely to encounter a 30-day dry-aged rack of lamb as you are Hokkaido sea urchin with fennel, wasabi, and yuzu.

2. DiaLo

503 College St. Toronto M6G 1A5

From the whimsical Big Mac Bao, a steamed bun stuffed with ground beef, pickles, and chefs’ secret sauce, to the more sophisticated tasting menus that excited gastronomically starved Torontonians mid-pandemic, this cuisine has carved out a cultural blueprint for the city that others can only try to emulate.

With gorgeous, deep-cerulean hues, DaiLo feels like the set of “In the Mood For Love” or some other iconic Hong Kong drama.

The menu features crowd-pleasers like truffled pumpkin dumplings and jellyfish slaw, but the real treats here include the whole fried trout, a dramatic and flavorful dish that’s served pre-chopped with several dipping sauces, and the braised lamb neck with banana blossom salad.

3. Edulis

169 Niagara St.

Edulis strongly focuses on seafood, locally sourced ingredients, and warm service – and succeeds at it all. It’s a family restaurant, where families can come and relax in their leisure time and derive ultimate satisfaction from the restaurant’s highly nutritious delicacies, and the excellent cheese required for healthy living.

The echo of the pleasure we derived from the meal from Edulis restaurant on the last visit is spine-tingling and jaw-dropping. It relieves us of our iota of doubt about Toronto’s delicacy. Of truth, Covid incidence caused a huge breakdown in the efficacy of some relaxation centers but Edulis’s seasoned food has brought Toronto’s restaurants to the limelight.

Edulis proved otherwise by serving friends and travelers with well-cooked and seasonal treats with exceptional nutritional value. If we are opportune to pick a restaurant with unparalleled expertise in cheese making and seafood, then, Edulis is sure to get our recommendation again.

4. GIA

1214, DUNDAS Start. W.

Gia Restaurant In Toronto

Looking for a top-quality restaurant to relax and enjoy as a traveler? Here is another restaurant to take a look at. GIA restaurant has proven worthwhile from the last time we visited. To be on the A-list among all fascinating and mind-blowing restaurants in Toronto is not a child’s play and GIA restaurant burns the midnight candle in attaining this feat. 

The last time we took the delicious and seasoned food from their list of available menus we were wowed by their great culinary skills. They specialize in plant-forward menus such as mushrooms and vegetables served in a star of a beautiful pillowy plate and pasta dripping with sauce.

5. Scaramouche

1 Benvenuto PL.

This isn’t your local trendy spot visited by marketers, influencers, and friends. Over the years, Scaramouche has been delivering its exceptional tasty dishes to young and prominent politicians and celebrities with the unchanged and unique taste which tells their excellent cuisine.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is elegant and welcoming. Each customer’s presence is welcomed by complimentary valet parking to signify great hospitality to the guest. Scaramouche offers various international and continental dishes with a high degree of technical know-how. They also offer other menus such as plump scallops to ensure maximum satisfaction.

6. Richmond Station


Richmond Station is a restaurant founded by a one-time Canada award winner in Culinary art, Carl Henrich. The restaurant is operated in a cool and serene environment and serves the best seasonal foods in Toronto with promising benefits. The founder, Henrich, gives more preference to agriculture.

Henrich opens an organic garden in Creemore. The results lead to a more seasonal fare and changes in veggie dishes. If you ever wanted to visit any restaurant in Toronto, Richmond station should be your first choice owing to the power of the culinary reputation of the restaurant.

7. Aloette


Aloette Restaurant In Toronto

Aloette restaurants have amazing dishes with long-lasting menu shapes on their list. There is little correlation between this restaurant with Alo, even from the squeeze of chef tweezers. It is also located in Spadina spot just a few distances from Alo restaurant. Aloette observes a table of white clothing for dinner once in a while.

Regardless, Aloette’s jingling slice of heavenly lemon meringue or the iceberg wedge salad can’t be compared with any dishes and is being crushed almost every day. Do you have any businesses around Spadina Eve, and are you looking for a restaurant? Just give Aloette restaurant a try and see their delicious and well-seasoned meals.

After tasting the meals of these elegant restaurants you will feel the real ecstasy of traveling and be astonished by the delicious dining experience. Seasoned travelers around the world know the excellent culinary art of Toronto’s restaurants, don’t be left out. 

What do you think about these restaurants? Leave your comment.

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