Why We Love The Chanel Heart Bags – This Is Special

Chanel Heart Bag

Do you know what happens when fashion becomes vintage? No? Keep reading this to find out.

The Chanel heart shape bag is undoubtedly one of the finest vintage classics of Chanel. It was first launched in the 90s.   

During Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2022, we saw the bag in its glory. A heart shape with quilted leather, a classic leather, chain strap with an interlocking clasp “CC” and a zip on both ends that meet at the hollow of the heart shape on top for easy access into the insides.   

Did we mention the smile-like pocket at the back too? We would definitely have our credit card or business card in there for so much easier and faster accessibility.  

The quilting of bag leathers has been synonymous with Chanel for years now. It is believed that Coco (obviously the founding Mother of Chanel) was tired of normalcy and wanted to make something unique. 

She insisted on magnificent crafts- quality quilts, precise stitches, and genuine leather.  

The authenticity of a Chanel is relative to the quilts at the back of the bag, a perfectly shaped diamond pattern that lines up diametrically between the stitches, which are usually flawless. There are no loose threads or any irregularities. A genuine heart Chanel bag has 9 stitches or less.  

The relaunch of Chanel Heart bags in March of 2022 came in specific colors; two shades of pink-a light pink, a dark pink, then a purple color, and the ever timeless black heart!  

In the early history of Chanel, handbags were handcrafted strictly by women in the factory. It took about 4 to 5 years with different craftsmen to finish one bag. Those bags are the real MVPs.  

The bags produced now, however, are still perfectly crafted but only takes less time. About 18 hours. This involves 180 procedures (including durability test in water) and is worked in by up to 15 different people.   

These highly exotic bags are made in Spain, Italy, and France.

Chanel also offers an elegant large heart bag design, which features a heart shape design with a front flap compartment, a classic diamond quilting, and interior slip pockets. There’s also a variance of this bag in the Chanel gold heart bag whose exterior is lined with champagne gold lambskin, quilted leather, zip closure, slip pockets at the rear, and a Chanel embossed leather logo tag. The heart-shaped bag is the perfect on-the-go cross-body bag to store our daily essentials. Mostly, these bags are found as brand new while still in their pristine condition and comes with a full set of microchip, dust bag, and Chanel box.

Chanel heart shape bag

Most fashion lovers have a kick in the direction of smaller handbags and it just wouldn’t be Chanel if they didn’t have a provision for this. They aim to satisfy their rich clientele with all sizes and styles they can afford and the Chanel mini heart bag is one of the most sought after. Let’s be honest, which would you rather go for? A heart-shaped box of chocolates or a mini Chanel heart bag? Well, one thing is for sure, Chanel will never give you food poisoning. The mini heart-shaped bag is a sophisticated lambskin bag and comes in six colors; pink, black, light pink, purple, blue, and white and costs $3400.

Chanel wristlet heart bag as the name suggests is an elegant bag that can easily be suspended on your wrist. “No bracelet, no care”, the Chanel wristlet bag has got you covered.

Chanel wristlet heart bag
Chanel wristlet heart bag

We often look to highlight our necks, and what better to make compliment this great body feature than the interlocking chain design and elegant pendant of the Chanel heart necklace? The heart Chanel necklace is a golden display of beauty going for about $1800 and above.

Chanel also has another variance of bags, the heart belt bag price which typically costs around $2450

A Chanel pre-owned heart shape of the 90s is currently sold at $40,000 to $50,000.  

Chanel with Charms!! We are literally screaming at the awesomeness of the charms of Chanel. Originally, Chanel Charms were launched as jewelry in 1930. Some were crafted from gold plated brass, some with 18Kt of gold. They were progressed into bags with the charms encrusted on the quilted body of Chanel bags. They’re available in different sizes and cost the sum of $13,000 to $11,000.  

Chanel bag charms
Chanel bag charms

Chanel’s website, when clicked automatically directs you to choose your location around the world. It has a series of Chanel heart bags available, such as; the Lambskin and Gold-tone metal white, the Chanel 22 Runway heart bag, Chanel lilac heart bag, Chanel heart bag 2022 SS white champagne, Chanel CC tan Beige Black Patent Leather top handle vanity bag. It also opens to a series of ongoing Chanel activities. Categories for history, stories, and a help button to find a store are available on this site since Chanel does not offer online shopping services. To obtain a Chanel bag, we nudge you to step into one of the 310 Chanel boutiques worldwide or take a trip to explore the biggest Chanel store located in Paris.

When a bag is 20 years old or more, it is considered officially vintage. A heart Chanel is to us, an equivalent of a ring!!! Receiving or gifting yourself, loved ones, or friends a timeless Chanel vintage is on its own the purest level of love and display of luxury.   

If you received a vintage Chanel bag today, what would you do?!

Vintage Heart Chanel Bag
Vintage Heart Chanel Bag

Mostly when shopping for others, we’re bothered by how matching the piece will suit the person, but Chanel offers plenty of fitted handbags that just about go with every type of style. From jeans to dresses, such as the Classic Chanel bags. 

They make shopping for others relatively simple, cause if it fits you, it just might fit your sister as well! 

However, shopping online offers a slight difference from shopping in-store. Usually, there is a bulk availability of varieties of Chanel bags online, like the; Chanel 22 bags, the hobo bags, flap bags, shopping bags, evening bags, Chanel 19 bags, and classic handbags, then there are in stores that mostly have the classic handbags, Chanel boy bags, evening bags, and the flap bags.  

There’s also a provision of all sizes when shopping online than there are in stores. Ergo, you’re most likely to find that mini heart bag shopping online than in stores.

Do you know what happens when fashion becomes vintage?

It goes with everything Chanel!

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