A Deeper Look Into The Fendi Fur Bag

Fendi Fur Bags Must Haves

From a small boutique in Rome to the launch of a specialized bag line and fur brand, FENDI has come a long way since 1925. FENDI has established itself as a Maison famous for its craftsmanship and authentic designs, profoundly rooted in its Roman heritage. Since 1925, FENDI’s collections have been compelled by bold experimentation with exquisite fur, strong technical skills, fine material quality, and Maison’s unparalleled creativity. 

When Silvia Venturini Fendi—the third generation of the Fendi family—took charge, the House witnessed a new creative dawn. The brand’s development has been nothing short of amazing since then. Kim Jones, a British designer, was named Artistic Director of Couture and Womenswear at Fendi in 2020, replacing the late Karl Lagerfeld.

With his unique design and style, Kim Jonas, with Silvia Fendi’s support, created another cult classic: the Fendi First fur bags. While browsing the internet, we came across these breathtaking Fendi First fur bags, which perfectly demonstrate the House’s timeless artisanal sensibilities. Fendi never fails to surprise us with something that stands out of the ordinary. It has a sturdy yet bold design. After all, Fendi shouts luxury and class. 

Fur Bags Are The Pillars Of Fendi’s Craftsmanship

From the classic vintage Baguette, 1997 made with real fox fur and sheepskin to the eye-catching Baguette Pink original calf-leather and sheepskin fur bag, Fendi has a wide variety of bags to choose from. 

Fendi Fur Baguette Sheepskin Bag

The Haute Fendi first collection- Fendi’s First Small Brown Mink Bag authentically made with real mink fur and lamb leather (lamb leather is used on the outside as well as on the inside of the Fendi mink bag).  

Fendi Fur Bags
Fendi Fur Handbags
Fendi Shoulder Bag

Moving on to the incredible color palette offered is to die for; the timeless Fendi Fur Black and Fendi Fur White collection has its charm. 

fendi Medium Baguette Black-Grey Messenger Bag

The Medium Baguette Black-Grey Messenger Bag (made with 100% sheep fur and 100% calf leather on the outside and 90% polyester and 10% polyurethane on the inside. ), the Large Baguette Black shearling bag with inlay (made with 100% sheep fur and 100% calf leather, having 90% polyester & 10% polyurethane inside), and the Fendi Sherley Sunshine (crafted with 100% mink fur and 100% calf leather, plus 60% polyamide and 40% polyurethane interior) tote bag are must-haves.

Fendi First Light Blue Mink Bag

One of the bags that are a feast to the eyes with its simplicity and soft furry vibes is their Fendi First Light Blue Mink Bag in size small. Considering all these tempting bag options, it totally makes sense why you would become distracted.

It is no secret that Fendi bags made of top-quality materials are loved by everyone. In addition, we want to know how to properly care for our precious Fendi bags. 

Here Are A Few Tips To Keep Your Fendi Fur Bags Clean: 

  • To clean Fendi suede bags, one must use a suede eraser or a brush. 
  • For better fur bags, one should take the baguettes to a professional handbag repair shop or a dry cleaner.  

Things That You May Or May Not Have Missed Out About FENDI

The inverted F logo used to create those magnificent baguettes has nothing to do with Fendi. Instead, it’s “Fun Fur” that we’re talking about, as described by Karl Lagerfeld, the late fashion designer who played a pivotal role in driving Fendi to the top of the fashion industry. 

FENDI Handbags Are Elegant And Versatile

Finely crafted with authenticity and a dash of Italian design, it is stunning with bold styles that are easy to handle. When it comes to luxury products, FENDI certainly offers some excellent bags.

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