Have You Heard About Christian Dior’s Price Increase?

If you are a fan of Dior and have been following its trends in prices, you won’t be surprised if the brand just had a price increase. This was their second price hike in 2022. Earlier this year, Dior increased prices on most of their famous bags and small leather goods by ten to twenty percent.

We didn’t expect another Dior price increase, but here we are. At the beginning of July 2022, prices rose again. You might be wondering which items got a price increase and how much. Let’s first explore the following.

Why Does Dior Keep Increasing Its Prices?

Because Dior is a luxury fashion house, it needs to ensure that its products are priced at a premium for them to be desirable among consumers.

With inflation rising and consumer spending increasing, production costs have also increased because high demand for goods means businesses will charge more for them. Some bags have had a considerable price increase, and some have remained the same. This is mainly because the company also looks to capitalize on the products with high profits. But we can’t get valid reasons for the high frequency of price increases.

How Often Does Dior Raise Its Prices?

Dior announces the annual price increase at some point during the year, though it’s always a surprise when that date is. In previous years, additions were announced in July and October.

It’s always a big surprise when prices go up. We have no idea whether it will happen more often in the future. You might even be surprised if it occurs twice this year or next year.

Dior Price Increases

So far, the price increases Dior implemented in July have mostly affected its classic Lady Dior handbag, the mini version has experienced an 8-11% increase.

The Lady Dior Mini is one of the most popular sizes for good looks and chain-strap detail, making it a perfect evening bag.

The Dior book bags, Saddle, and Vibe range of handbags have not been affected by the most recent price rise. Perhaps this indicates that these models are less popular with consumers and therefore do not merit another increase at present.

Dior Major US Price Increase July 2022 

Bag Model                     Original Price        New Price             Increase in 

Mini Lady Dior                    $4900                        $5300                        $400

Small Lady Dior                  $5300                        $5600                        $300

Medium Lady Dior             $5900                        $6100                         $200

Large Lady Dior                  $6300                        $6500                        $200

Lady D-Joy                           $4900                        $5100                         $200

Bobby East-West                $3400                        $3600                        $200

Small Caro                            $4000                        $4200                        $200

Medium Caro                      $4400                        $4600                        $200

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