The Chanel Gabrielle Bag Is Officially Discontinued

Chanel Gabrielle bag Discontinued

There is nothing more worrying than seeing an email from your favorite brand announcing that the product you love has been discontinued, especially if you paid good money for it!

Chanel’s Gabrielle handbag has been a staple in the company’s bag lineup for years, but it looks like its days are numbered. Chanel announced that they would be discontinuing the production of the Gabrielle bag.

Until recently, when you browsed the handbags section of Chanel’s website, you were presented with a lineup of their classic bags at the bottom: Classic Flap, 2.55, Boy Bag, and Chanel Gabrielle. But now you can’t find Chanel Gabrielle on the website. What happened?

Reasons For Chanel Gabrielle Bag Being Discontinued

The Chanel Gabrielle Bag is discontinued because it’s no longer as popular as when it debuted. The bag, which made its debut on the Spring/Summer 2017 runway, was meant to target younger consumers, just like the ever-popular Chanel Boy Bag.

The bag was trendy when it was released, but now, five years later, it doesn’t feel that way anymore. This classic design has become less relevant now that younger consumers, to whom the Chanel Gabrielle was once catered, have moved on to newer and trendier handbag releases like the 19 and 22.

The consensus was that the Gabrielle Bag by Chanel would be a passing trend. Some of us were unsure if this could be said about its two new bags: 19 and 22. Will the Chanel 19 and 22 bags experience the same downfall as their predecessor, Gabrielle?

Is The Chanel Gabrielle Bag Past Its Time?

In 2017, Chanel’s Gabrielle bag made its debut with the rest of the brand’s spring line. The primary silhouette was a hobo version called Gabrielle; however, there were also three other styles, Gabrielle Shopping Tote, Gabrielle Backpack, and Gabbrielli Drawstring Bag.

Much like the now-iconic Chanel Boy Bag, which was explicitly designed to target young consumers, Gabrielle was meant to capture a younger demographic. The fanfare surrounding its launch made that clear.

After several years of slow but steady growth, the bag reached new heights among celebrities and fashion influencers.

Is There A New Bag To Replace Chanel Gabrielle’s Bag?

When Chanel launched the Gabrielle line, it devoted much of its promotional resources to promoting that new line.

With its iconic curves and youthful charm, the Gabrielle bag exuded a fresh take on classic styling: It was trendy at its release.

Now that Gabrielle has fallen out of fashion. Last year’s younger consumers are currently looking for something more modern and edgy, like Chanel 19, which launched late last year and even this year’s release of the Chanel 22. Meanwhile, consumers with long-time loyalty toward the brand can’t get enough of classic bags like The Classic Flap or 2.55 Re-issue.

What About Chanel Gabrielle’s Resale Value?

The Chanel Gabrielle doesn’t retain its value nearly as well as other shapes from the brand. The classic flap, Boy Bag, and 2.55 Re-Issue can often be sold for more than their retail price, but not so with this bag.

The Chanel Gabrielle Small Bag, for instance, which retails for $5,000, has a resale value ranging from $3200 to just under $5000 with an average in the low $4000s

Although the Chanel Gabrielle had its moment, all signs point to a downtrend in this bag’s popularity, and it seems likely that another shiny new on-trend which is the Chanel 22 small handbag is being pushed to the forefront. But what do you think? Will this next version of their classic handbag have staying power?

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