5 Bullet-Proof Hacks To Being Happier Even If Someone Broke Your Heart A Few Days Back

Adele healing from a breakup

You got your heart broken and it feels like your world has come crashing down. You may have envisioned your forever with him/her. 

Now all that is gone, and you are haunted by thoughts of what used to be and what could have been. You are overwhelmed with feelings of despair and unending sadness. And you would like to feel better, but you don’t know how. 

Here are 5 ways to help you heal and recover from that heartbreak.

5 Ways To Be Happier After A Breakup 

Take A Trip 

Ever thought about taking a girl’s/boy’s trip? Now’s the best time to do it. Travelling is bound to bring out the biggest smiles from a sad face. You get to see new sites, meet new people, try new delicacies, and make new friends. 

You could go somewhere with a big beautiful beach. And let the beach air and water wash away your sorrows. 

Start A Project 

This would be the best time to invest your energy in something you find fulfilling. It will definitely bring some joy and happiness into your life. As well as take your mind off your present situation.

This project could be work or career-related. It could also be a home project. If you’ve been looking to do some renovation or revamping, this is the perfect time. 

You can write a book about it. This way you make yourself happier and could even make some money.  

Focus On The Positive

After a heartbreak, one sure way to make yourself happier is to focus on the good side. There is always an advantage to every disadvantage.

Dwelling on the things you stand to gain as a single person will make you happier. Relationships often come with many restrictions and sacrifices. Now you are free of all that.

Get A Pet

There’s no better way to usher in happiness, than by showering your love on a creature that deserves it. Getting a pet, be it a dog, cat or bird will lift your spirits.

The best part is a pet also showers you with love in its way. Having a pet isn’t always easy, there’s so much you have to do to keep them alive and healthy. However, pets have a way of making all that work worth it and another good thing is they are not going anywhere. 

Have A Rebound

After a breakup, there’s always this feeling of emptiness that hovers around you. Sometimes it feels like there’s a void in your heart. One way to feel that void is by temporarily placing someone there. 

A rebound doesn’t have to be someone you are sexually involved with. It’s anybody who makes you happy, who puts a smile on your face. 

Distracting and giving yourself the chance to be happy with someone else, is a sure way to bring some happiness back into your life. 

By following any of these steps or even all, you are bound to be happier in a matter of days. But whatever you do, ensure you are doing it at your pace and happiness will surely come.  

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