Summer In Toronto Girls Trip! Quick Weekend Trip In Toronto – Where To Go And What To Do

After a long day at work, every day for months or even years without a good break, all a girl needs is a relaxing trip to a fantastic destination. Well, how can summer be fun without your girls? The weather is finally favorable and warm, and we are excited to enjoy summer together. We recommend Toronto as a vacation destination if you want to experience different breathtaking sites to visit for the holidays. From cultural events to amazing road trips within the country, there is no shortage of fun while in Toronto. 

Toronto Friday Itinerary

We have been anticipating the weekend for the longest time since we started planning this girls’ trip to Toronto. Our trip has begun on Friday and is to end on Sunday afternoon. We packed our bags for the girls’ trip, ready to get lost in the beautiful city of Toronto. This is an experience worth trying and we cannot hear what the other people we recommended to try Toronto for the summer will say after their vacation. The vacation started on Friday when we arrived at the airport, and our first stop was the hotel, Le Germain Hotel Maple Leaf Square, located near CN Towers. The site from the hotel room is exciting.  We could not wait to freshen up and dress up, ready to explore Toronto. Do not forget to pack your favorite dinner dress.

We visited Niagara Falls in the evening on a boat cruise. This is a view we do not want you to miss, and that is why Niagara Falls should be on the list of places to visit while in Toronto. After sunset, we were dazzled by a light show illuminating Niagara Falls. It is the perfect way to enjoy your evening. We also learned about the history of this area, the First Nations population, and the geography of the Niagara peninsula. Most visitors who come to Toronto choose to explore the falls on a boat cruise. 

This afternoon treat is perfect, especially when visiting during the summer.  Fireworks light up the sky mostly on Wednesdays and Fridays. We recommend visiting Niagara Falls on a Friday evening to experience the fireworks. Niagara city cruises is a 20-minute voyage to the Falls boat tour. We enjoyed the view, and it was so satisfying to come face-to-face with Horseshoe Falls, a very famous site in Canada. Add Horseshow Falls to your bucket list. This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

Toronto Saturday Itinerary

After we were all glammed up, our next stop was the CN Tower. It is interesting that the people we recommended to visit CN tower loved the scenery and have made CN tower a place to visit time one is in Toronto. Try it too and see how addictive the site is. CN Tower is a 553.3m high concrete communications and observations tower located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This tower held the title of the World’s tallest free-standing structure from 1975 to 2007, when Burj Khalifa took over. This is a signature icon of Toronto’s skyline. 

Toronto Summer

All we wanted to experience on this day was to dine at the revolving restaurant in this iconic tower. 360 The Restaurant is the revolving restaurant on CN Tower. Well, visiting the revolving restaurant was a dream come true. We took the fancy elevator to the top of the building to have a good view of beautiful Toronto. The glass floor has an amazing scenic view, making it impossible to take your eyes off it. Since we were tired, we went back to Le Germain Hotel Maple Leaf Square hotel, a hotel we recommend if you want exemplary customer service and amazing meals. 

Toronto Sunday Itinerary

Unfortunately, we have to leave on a Sunday and return to our busy lives of working longer hours. We are ready with our sun hats and eager to explore Riverdale Farm. The two hours that we spent here were worth it. This property is well maintained and easy to navigate, even on foot. Visit Riverdale Farm and have a memorable experience. The chicken, turkey, and other farm animals give a sense of belonging. 

Seeing all the different animals in their shelters and outdoor space to roam around was amazing. We recommend visiting the Farm before leaving Toronto, back to the busy life. Watching hens, pigs, goats, sheep, and turkeys, among other animals is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. It was a sunny day, making it more enjoyable to be in this space. We booked our flights back home on Sunday night.

Tourist Things To Do In Toronto

There are different tourist activities to do in Toronto and have the best time. Some of the tourist activities in Toronto are as follows;

Take A Trip To Toronto Island

This is the favorite spot to hang out, especially when escaping the heat during the summer seasons. To access the island easily, catch a ferry from the Jack Layton Ferry terminal or take a taxi. Enjoy Caribbean-inspired music along the way. 

Visit Rouge Park

This is Canada’s largest urban park. Visit the park on foot or by bike. It can be tempting to camp at the rouge park and hard to believe that this beauty is still within the city.

Non-Tourist Things To Do In Toronto

There are also non-tourist things we recommend while in Toronto, some of which include the following;


Brunch is one of the popular activities in Toronto. There are different brunch spots in the city serving the best bacon, pancakes, and eggs. 

Renting A Bike

Biking is another way to cover more ground while exploring the city. Toronto has a system of bike paths and lanes, which will easily take one off the main road to your desired destination. 

Outdoor Movies

Watching an outdoor movie is not strange in Toronto, and this is one of the favorite activities of the locals, which we recommend.

We decided to go on vacation at least twice a year, and this year, we had to visit Toronto, and it was fun. Everything went as planned, and we made use of the few days we were in the city. The CN Towers is our favorite spot. We promised to spend more time in Toronto the next time we visited. We recommend Toronto as a vacation destination to visit. 

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